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This week we are having a chat with Corné van Berkel, owner of DOCK74 and also partner at DOON. DOCK74 is a business consultancy for small and medium sized entrepreneurs (SME’s) and DOON helps organizations to strengthen their innovation and coach successful innovation teams. Corné has many years of experience in business and sees an opportunity to transfer his knowledge.

Corné tells us enthusiastically about the work activities of DOCK74. DOCK74 helps companies with the strategy outline, gives pragmatic business advice and helps to strengthen their innovation. Given the fact that the world changes constantly, many business and revenue models remain under pressure, so many companies will need to innovate. DOCK74 helps them by charting a new path and winning over the organization. Corné gives us a great example, "An entrepreneur came to me the other day, who had taken over the company from his father. He was confronted there with almost everything that is involved with managing a business. His question was how he could reduce with minimum costs. We are six months further now, and he's even looking for new employees! The ideas were fully present, we have created the energy together to work smarter and we have made the time to start new things. Now there is a lot of energy in the company, and we are absolutely on the right track!”

Besides owner of DOCK74 Corné is also a partner at DOON, a contemporary Lean Innovation Agency. DOON helps organizations to develop new products and services that generate new revenue. Corné: “DOON focuses on innovation, often for companies that are larger than SMEs, the target group of DOCK74. We teach and help them to really engage with customers and to come up with ideas and solutions." When an organization calls upon Corné with a particular question, he enters into dialogue with them. Often he notices that something else is going on, other than originally is assumed. We help entrepreneurs to facilitate creativity and entrepreneurial behavior. Corné: “with DOON you create a culture of acting instead of planning, the DOON Innovation Method covers the entire innovation process from idea generation to the integration into your existing organization, every step is a Serious Game, an active workshop with a clear outcome where you develop your product or service."

Before Corné arrived at Tribes, he had been working at home for about half a year. Corné: "If you work at home you will naturally reduce your costs and you will not get easily distracted. These are advantages but the element that I missed at home was meeting, because as an entrepreneur with a one-man business you do not meet many people." Therefore Corné went looking for a workplace, and through an acquaintance he got Tribes into his sight. Corné: "The environment, the atmosphere, the dynamics, it all had a great appeal. The appearance of Tribes suits me as a person. The concept is very well organized. It was the social purpose that won me over!"

Corné has a Virtual Office at Tribes Eindhoven, which fits very well with the profile of a business nomad. Corné: "The subscription format Virtual Office is amazing. It means that I have my own office a few days a month, it is also very convenient that the hostesses pick up the phone for me, with my own company name, the calls are also forwarded. That gives a little more appearance towards the clients." In the future, Corné hopes to work at Tribes Amsterdam too, and "if Tribes ever comes to Berlin, you will find me there!”