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I'm not a football fan in heart and soul, but I have a lot of respect for a strong mentality.
Therefore, I wanted to be present at such a match like last night, and while I was on the plane to Stockholm, I started to think about the past.

Yesterday, exactly one year ago, Ajax came with a news release: Peter Bosz would follow Frank de Boer’s footsteps as coach of the club on July 1, 2016. He signed for three seasons, and made his debut in the UEFA Champions League. The first match ended in a draw, and the second match was a loss, and all chances were lost. Peter Bosz received a lot of criticism from many football fans, especially given his past at Feyenoord. I remember reading some articles about it and that I realized that it would be hard for Peter to win the trust of all those skeptical fans.
But Bosz showed understanding for the skeptics, and while others had probably given up at all that hurdles, Peter Bosz didn’t gave up: "We are going to set sale on another course, and we will stick to it. We are going to do it our way. " And let’s be honest: there are few who thought Ajax would have been in the European finals for the first time in 21 years. No wonder he received the Rinus Michels Award last week from his colleagues, for the best trainer of the season.
Peter Bosz was "disruptive", as I call it. You can call him a rebel, and maybe even crazy, but he has managed to change course. I think that that kind of people are very interesting. I understand the power of that disruptive, giving you the inner strength to be different and to go against the established order. Because when Peter showed understanding for the skeptics, and made a great achievement within a year, he did something that few others would be able to do. He renewed the mentality of Ajax, he has made a whole lot of fans believe again. Disruption stands for innovations.
While we were landing, I quickly picked a note pad from my bag. 'Bosz in the X-Tribe', is the only thing I wrote down. In my opinion, Bosz is a real X-Triber. I believe he is a genius, just like Winehouse, Jobs, Ali, Zuckenburg, Verstappen and Cruiff. Despite the outcome of the match. He was crazy enough to continue, and therefore he changed the world. In any case, the world of Ajax. So, he deserves a spot in the Ito Tower, in our location on the South Axis, where all those disruptive people come together.
All football players were followed closely by thousands and thousands of fans. And me? I just looked at Peter Bosz, and started to find this sport more and more fun. Despite the defeat, he is a real winner. 
PS: I’ll tell more about the disruptive X-Tribe, tomorrow at 4.30 pm at RTLZ!

Welke stam zit bij Rens de Jong aan tafel a.s. vrijdag om 16.30u bij RTL Z in Zaken? from Tribes on Vimeo.