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Last week I was reading the newspaper and I read a remarkable article, which said that the Eurovision Song Festival has achieved the highest ratings. Since my debut in RTLZ I find these figures interesting (it's very nice to see them going up), and this message makes me wonder. Apparently, everyone in Europe is watching the Eurovision Song Festival, and that connects us in a special way: by singing. Why does Europe can feel the passion during the Eurovision Song Festival, and why are we guided by ratio during the rest of the year?
Because, that’s what guides us. Europe’s plans are based on strength, power and money, they are based on ratio. The Brexit is an example, and the word Eurexit has also already been created. Where is the passion in all of this? Where is the solidarity? Shouldn’t we take these two into account when looking to the future to prevent Europe from falling apart? Shouldn’t we acknowledge the importance of connecting with each other? And feeling the solidarity?
When I learn from the indigenous tribes, I see several elements that make a tribe a group, with feelings of belonging and solidarity. First: they dance. Many tribes and nations have their own dance, which they perform during ceremonies to welcome guests and to prepare for key moments. Just look at the Maori, with a welcoming haka, or the hokka from the Maasai and Hulu in Hawaii. All three come from passion. In addition, symbols are important. Think of all the flags of countries, with the bright colors showing the passion of the country (and I do not mean that boring flag that should represent the symbol of Europe). Or the symbol of Brussels, Manneken Pis, which is cared for with love and passion (he even gets a matching green outfit on St. Patrick's Day). The last notable, corresponding element of the indigenous tribes is singing. A very special song here is the Joik, from the Scandinavian Sami, which consists mainly of guttural sounds.
The Joik is a sound that comes straight from the heart, and the Sami sing it when they gather at the end of the day. They sing the Joik, and then they’ll start looking at the future. Maybe it's a good idea for the EU summit to sing a Joik first, before they continue their discussions? Let's take an example from the oldest tribe of our continent, and let’s lose the ratio. We can also feel connected during the Eurovision Song Contest, so why not put that passion into a Joik, and maybe we can prevent an Eurexit.
PS: if you want an example of a Joik, you can hear me sing one on Friday 16:30, at RTLZ in Business!

Welke stam zit bij Rens de Jong aan tafel a.s. vrijdag om 16.30u bij RTL Z in Zaken? from Tribes on Vimeo.