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This week it was time for the Provada. The event for the real estate world, and I was therefore also present. I walked in on the first day, and upon arrival I was approached. 'Eduard! I thought I already saw you: there’s only one man walking around in a checkered suit!’
After this commentary, I looked around for me, and indeed, most men wear black or dark blue, and a single time someone wears a pint stripe. But everyone, men and women, look perfect and everyone is ready to make new contacts, leaving behind an overwhelming first impression.
Such a first impression always starts on the outside.We could talk at great length about this issue, but the outside is the first we register. That’s why we put effort in it, maybe change some clothes, brush our hair again, and we’re working on the beard as well. (and the ladies spray a little more hairspray on their hair). But of course, we do not only do this at the Provada. We do it for important meetings, job interviews, family visits and of course when we go on a date. (I changed clothes several times before I went on my first date with Veronique).
And I really mean it, everybody looks stunning, but what’s so bad, everybody looks the same. Three young men passed by, looking for their next conversation partners. I could hardly keep them apart: probably an offer on the suit, matching shoes included, and perhaps the gentlemen went to the same hairdresser. They passed me, and I heard them talk about a lady with a glittering suit. And I’m talking about golden glitters, from head to toe.
They found that ‘way too exaggerated’, ‘idiot to walk with’ and they absolutely did not understand why you would wear that. Although I was on my way to my next appointment, I decided to talk to the men: ‘I heard your opinion about the lady with the glittering suit, and I wanted to let you know how well I think it is that someone dares to show her own style.’ And before I knew, I started to tell them about the Mursi, the newest hero-tribe at Tribes Rotterdam Coolsingel. A tribe that teaches us a lot about expression: with their famous lip plates they show themselves to the world. I tell them that Mursi girls and women choose from the age of 15 whether they want to wear a lip plate and choose how far the lip eventually will be stretched with bigger plates. The gentlemen make a painful face, as I expected.
What if I compare this to many women who walk around here on high heels? Tonight she will take out her shoes and she’s happy she doesn’t have to walk on them anymore? The lip plates and high heels both are a form of expression. The Mursi challenge us to show our personality, leave a good impression and be the best version of yourself. Each lip plate is unique, just like any character. Also, your characters are unique, but I do not see that in your clothes completely..
Whether they kept staring at me because they didn’t understand it or because they were blown away by my own checkered suit, I invited them all tree to be present at the opening of Tribes Rotterdam Coolsingel. ‘Just visit the Mursi in Rotterdam on June 16th, then you learn everything about expression, and you should not be afraid to dress yourself differently. To be yourself. Because every person is unique, so you can show that too’.