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In December last year, Gordon and I announced the collaboration of Tribes and Blushing. The collaboration is very special, and many talked about it: 'entrepreneur meets entertainer'. But nothing is less true, since entertainer Gordon had been an entrepreneur for a long time, and I have been an entrepreneur and an entertainer both for a long time.
Both entertaining and entertaining must be in your blood. And it started with me at an early age; I wanted to go to the theater! But, as you have read earlier, my parents disagreed, and I went to college. Recently, my dream came true, with my role as a side-kick at RTLZ in Business, but I have loved to be an entertainer a lot longer. I try to make a show of my presentations, and I like to involve the audience in it. I try to make boring meetings more fun and interactive, and with grand openings I always want to make our guests smile, with a small ‘act’ for arriving.
All those people said 'entrepreneur meets entertainer', but we saw that differently. Even before Gordon started with Blushing, he was already enterprising. But when you’re a singer and a TV personality, they call you an ‘entertainer’. The same with me, as a familiarity in the real estate world, you are placed in the ‘entrepreneurial box’.
But now that we both open a location at the Coolsingel, with a very suiting hero-tribe, the Mursi, we get a chance to show the world that we both also belong in that other ‘box’. The Mursi tribe from Ethiopia is famous for their striking lip plates, which the women wear to show who they are. The Mursi think about how they present themselves to the world. They don’t think about those ‘boxes’, they have their own style and they keep being themselves. It's all about expression.
It’s also a very important theme for us, because expression is becoming more and more important. How do you stand out of the mass? How do you present yourself, and what impression do you leave behind? Do you dare to get out of your box and do you dare to show that you have more passions? Gordon and I do, and we'll show you tomorrow. You can find a preview in the movie… An entertaining entrepreneur, and an entrepreneurial entertainer. In about 24 hours the big day has arrived: and we’ll have another Tribes location!