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Since I began to study the behaviour of the traditional nomadic tribes, I also got a fascination for the connection between humans and animals. Because you cannot avoid it: many tribes are dependent on animals. The Kazakh and eagles, the Kyrgyz and horses and the Changpa and goats. I grew up with dogs and horses myself and I know how intense such a band can be. I still know how hard my Starletta's Danny (my first own pony, a New Forester) did his best at the counter-canter during our dressage games and how I made sure that he lacked nothing.

I also found such a special band at the Chukchi, the hero tribe of Tribes Amsterdam Schiphol, between the Chukchi members and their Husky's. At the Chukchi, the dogs and people live together, in ice-cold Siberia. The Husky's pull the sleds over the icefields and help the Chukchi by hunting. When they come home, the animals aren’t kept on a lead outside the yaranga, no, they just go in with it. The dogs are treated as full family members and receive a lot of love, care and attention. That’s why the dogs are loyal to their owners, they both know exactly what they have.

But not only dogs and people are loyal at this Tribe. The Chukchi must survive in often barren conditions and have few possessions. It is an unwritten rule that that everyone is always ready to oblige and it is even forbidden to refuse anyone and anything, like strangers, shelter and food.

I found this story about loyalty and trust so inspiring that I have start investigating it. If you open the books or perform a quick search on Google, you find out that there can be find a lot information about loyalty. In particular, marketing focused: How do you make sure people return, stay 'merciful' and love them? There are many complicated theories about writing and there are hundreds of different answers, but I think the most beautiful description of loyalty comes from Seth Godin's. According to him, someone is loyal if he offers a better offer, in his words: 'Loyalty is what we call it when someone refuses a momentarily better option'.


The opening of Tribes Amsterdam Schiphol. from Tribes on Vimeo.

So we can talk about the Dove lovers who do not focus on the cheaper Nivea, the loyal hotel visitors who have been to the same resort years or the employee who has been working for the same company for 20 years. A Chukchi will allow a stranger in his house because he knows that he will be helped by this stranger when he asks for it. A Huskky will never go after a pray and let his boss down, because he knows that there’s a family waiting for him. And my Starletta’s Danny even jumped into the counter-canter when I asked him, because I did it clear, gentle and with a fair hand.
As an entrepreneur, you would prefer people around you who will refuse a better offer and help you make your business a success. People who you can trust in blindness. But how do you get that? In my opinion, you create loyalty by being good for another. You get a connection with your employees by giving them attention and by caring for them. Either way: whoever does good, meets well! How cliché it might sound. 


Welke stam zit bij Rens de Jong aan tafel in RTL Z in Zaken? from Tribes on Vimeo.