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Today is the day that the South Axis can add another Tribes. And as always, I’m walking through the new location early in the morning. I look at all the beautiful, all the treasures of the hero-tribe, the X-Tribe at this location. This is a very special tribe, because where we usually inspire through ancient nomadic tribes, this is a modern nomadic tribe. The Ito tower is still sleeping, the spaces are visually empty, and the portraits of the famous X-Tribes look at me secretly. Muhammed Ali, Albert Einstein, Prince Claus, and Amy Winehouse are some of them. Famous names, which initially have nothing to do with each other.


When you look at the actions of these people, you find out that they are connected by the same mindset: think different, which is a bit disruptive. These people had the pleasure of being different, thinking differently and changing the world a little. Muhammad Ali has of course been the symbol of the established order in his fight against the Vietnam War (and let's be honest, three times world champion in heavyweight is also something to be proud of). Albert Einstein was totally disruptive. He may seem a bit crazy or scattered, but he’s actually a genius. Thanks to him, modern physics has come true and we are where we are now. Prince Claus shook the world on its foundations with his 'Decleration of the Tie', and businessmen have not been dressed the same since. Amy Winehouse has shown the world what singing from emotion really is, and is rightly called the Queen of Soul.


These, and so many other members of the X-Tribe, didn’t care what the masses think. Name them stubborn or otherwise, you can’t get around them: These people had a goal, a good idea or a talent, and were unstoppable. The South Axis is slowly flowing, and the first Tribes members go to their new workplaces. One of them tells me, "Hi Eduard, what is this beautiful! I see you this afternoon, I come back after meditation and then we drink a glass of bubbles at the new location! "


And whether you want to come to yourself by meditating, sporting, singing or dancing: here you can be your own self, like Muhammad Ali, Einstein, Prince Claus, Amy Winehouse and all  others. At Tribes you don’t have to care about what other people think, because everybody thinks just a bit different.


PS: If you really want to come to yourself, we learn from Secoya that you can do this best by meditating. And that has nothing to do with spirituality, but just take for a moment for yourself. Relax, relieve the stress and create an overview. Know more? Tomorrow I will tell you all about it in RTL Z in Business, 04:30 PM and learn how the Secoya does this!


Dit zijn onze locaties from Tribes on Vimeo.