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This week we talk with the men of Dutch Finance Lab at Tribes Utrecht Papendorp. We meet at the espresso bar and receive a delicious cup of cappuccino from our hostesses. Louis Hofmeijer and Jeroen Smits have recently established Dutch Finance Lab, a new finance company for SMEs in the Netherlands. They start telling about their plans and their office on the 1st floor…

Dutch Finance Lab intends to finance businesses for own accounts, especially in the field of working capital. With much expertise and ambition, Louis and Jeroen decided to start something new together. Previously, they also had their own finance company. Louis: "Our ambition has never been wasted, there is a huge shortage of credit facilities for the small and medium-sized companies in the Netherlands, we think we are in need of our offer." The company is expected to start June 1! After almost 4 years of working on software, the moment is finally there. Jeroen: "The software we have developed is fully available online, enabling customers to connect with us 24 hours a day." Dutch Finance Lab now consists of a team of 5. Every day, Louis and Jeroen work at Tribes Utrecht Papendorp.

Louis and Jeroen are members of Tribes since March 1st. They found Tribes via Google and after some visits, they found the Tribes environment so inspiring that they decided to start their new business from Tribes. What they especially liked was the way they were received, and the restaurant also makes them very happy. And of course, the Tribes community is also a great benefit: "In the conceptual phase of your business, you are very focused on yourself, it's good to brainstorm with other entrepreneurs, Tribes makes this possible." According to the men everybody who works for Tribes has commitment for the organisation, from the cleaning lady to the people in the restaurant! And this drive have Louis and Jeroen undoubtedly too, do you want more information about Dutch Finance Lab? Visit or e-mail to: