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Today we visit the home of the Hamar tribe, located next to Utrecht Central station. We have an appointment with Hans Luyckx, who will tell us about his special real estate project in Portugal. We visit him in one of the offices on the second floor and chat about the area. Hans begins his story with: 'Your living environment has unnoticed a lot of influence on your mood. Remember how nice you feel when your house is cleared up. It has even been proven that people feel safer in clean neighborhoods. I'm working on this in Portugal. We are developing a real estate project aimed at promoting the happiness and well-being of people.’ Following this short summary, we were very curious about what exactly this meant and Hans continued his story.

The project of Hans, Nazaré Canyon, focuses on people who are looking for a development in their lives. According to Hans, more and more people want to be part of a larger whole, rather than just thinking about themselves. The real estate project that Hans develops provides guidance. The purpose of this project is to become aware of your relationships: with yourself, with others and with nature. Like that way you can find happiness in your life. Because every person is unique, every person can get other guidance.
But practically? What exactly does this guidance mean? That's the question that popped up during the conversation. ‘The surf lessons are central in the guidance. On a surfboard, you are surrendered of nature and you need to work with the ocean. It creates an opportunity to live in the here and now’ says Hans. ’In addition, we provide healthy food and yoga classes, but also activities that help you discover Portugal's culture and history. Ultimately, it is about finding a balance.’

The biggest reason why Hans wants to do this in Portugal is the change of environment. ‘When you step out of your familiar circle, you're more open to other insights and you have a different view of things. Actually, like at Tribes, the mind needs to travel to be creative.' How Hans came to this idea? At some point in his career, he wondered if he contributed something significant to the world. 'To  contribute to the happiness of others, is the most valuable thing you can give and what you get in return.’

Hans used to work at another office operator. Because this wasn’t what he quite expected, he went to orientate and look for another workplace. And Hans had found this at Tribes. Hans: ‘The way Tribes presents themselves is actually a bit the same as I do. It's an experience, and that’s what I like about Tribes and found that very interesting.’ The very best of Tribes according to Hans are the contacts he has gained. At the moments he is present at the location, he always get in touch with someone. ‘The best thing I think is that you get ideas from other branches, where you eventually learn something from.’ We are very pleased that Hans contributes to our network. Have you become curious about Hans's inspirational concept? Then visit!