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Today we are visiting Jouke from Orange Investment Managers at Tribes in the Ito Tower. On the inspiring mezzanine, Orange Investment Managers has a beautiful office with lots of lights. We take place in our Facebook meeting room and talk about the opening and the mezzanine of Tribes Amsterdam South Axis Ito, when we start talking about the business of Orange Investment Managers. It all started with the World Cup in 2010 and with an orange shirt on a terrace at the Oude Gracht in Utrecht.

Jouke and his business partner got to know each other during the World Cup of 2010, after that they began to philosophize about the business. That’s why Orange is in their company name! After 4 years of working together for a company, they decided to start their own. And currently they already exsist for 2 years. Jouke himself has a financial background and a real estate education. Orange Investment Managers specializes in asset management for pension funds and insurers. They invest for them in car park real estate throughout Europe. The ambition from Jouke and his partner is to build a young and dynamic company. "Last week we took our first employee and he starts on June 1st, we don’t want to become a big company but we have the ambition to eventually create a team of 5-10 men." according to Jouke himself.

And at Tribes it is possible to grow! Orange Investment Managers took place in the building just before the opening of Tribes Amsterdam South Axis Ito. Jouke also visited the 7th floor of this location and visited the SOM location on the South Axis deciding where they wanted to work, but they eventually picked the office on the mezzanine. At the time of the decision the building wasn’t rebuild yet, so Jouke and his business partner didn’t know exactly what the result was going to be.: "In fact, I think it has become more beautiful than I had imagined. There is a lot of light coming in and you just get energy when you walk through the building!" The first inhabitants of our mezzanine love the less traditional approach of Tribes, it fits the dynamic aspects they were looking for! And we are very happy with such dynamic members!

Jouke and his business partner will be present at the Provada in Amsterdam RAI next week. Would you like to meet them? Contact Jouke at for an appointment!