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Today we are back in the Amstel Building, at Tribes Amsterdam Amstel, where we have a chat with a new member of this location, Vondel Finance. The company Vondel Finance has been a guest at Tribes since September, and two of their partners, Mark Spetter and Frank de Lange, have taken the time here for an interview to introduce themselves within our community. Vondel Finance is an independent consultant in the field of corporate finance and private equity and provides council  to clients on mergers and acquisitions, strategic decision-making and financial issues.

Vondel Finance
Vondel Finance was founded in 2004 by Frank de Lange and Haro Schultz van Haegen, and it has four partners at the moment. Mark tells us more about the activities of the company: ‘We assist entrepreneurs, companies and organizations from A to Z with the sale of a corporation.’ As corporate finance is quite a broad term, Mark is willing to give us some concrete examples of the daily operations: "The sales process does involve a number of aspects, you can think of an indicative valuation, the mapping of the potential buyers, negotiation and clever structuring of the transaction. We focus our advice not on specific segments and with our years of experience we have references in many different branches.’

Mark continues: ‘In addition to counselling, we also do private equity, so we can take an interest in a company. Besides the consulting practice, we would also like to be involved in the long term development of a company.’ Mark began in the corporate finance profession in 2004. At first he was employed by BDO Corporate Finance, where he was allowed to do a lot of different transactions and valuations. Eventually he was given a greater need for real entrepreneurship, so he joined Vondel Finance as one of the partners.
The best part of the job, according to Mark, would definitely be the 'dealmaking’. Buying or selling a business is a complex process which takes on average six to nine months. During this period you build a strong relationship with your customer. In addition, every transaction is different and every deal comes with a certain degree of friction. If you do bring parties together and you are able to realize a good transaction for your client then you have a very good day.

Vondel Finance was first located in an office building in Haarlem. Frank: ‘We are probably one of the few businesses that have moved, in times of growth, from a large accommodation to a smaller accommodation. In search of more dynamics and activity around us, we have looked into various flex concepts. This Tribes location is perfect, we are situated in the Amstel building at a very desirable location, so we are also very easy accessible. This location makes us more attractive to prospective employees who want to live and work in Amsterdam. It is also pleasing that we, for example, can walk into a Tribes location in Rotterdam when we have an appointment or we would like to work there.’

At the end of this interview, Mark would like to mention that he really likes the personal approach of our service. So, as far as that is concerned, compliments and appreciation for our hosts!


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Welcome at Tribes and good luck.