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Thursday 2 March, Amsterdam – Anita Witzier declared the third Amsterdam Tribes location, Tribes Amsterdam Schiphol officially to be opened. The location, situated at Riekerpolder Businesspark, is the 10th location of the blooming Tribes network.

Anita Witzier, ambassador of Stichting Hulphond Nederland (Dutch foundation for assistance dogs), attended the grand opening, to explain the special bond between people and dog. This special bond plays a big role in the lives of the hero-tribe of this location, the Chukchi. Chukchi rely on their Huskies, the way people with a physical or physic limitation rely on their assistance dogs. Witzier: ‘The best loyalty you can get, is from a dog.’ Chief and Founder, Eduard Schaepman received assistance dog Chukchi from Anita Witzier as a symbolic key to the location, after which the location was officialy opened.


Schaepman arrived as a true Chukchi at the location. He was accompanied by a pack of Siberian Huskies who entered with loud and energetic barking. Schaepman about the new location: ‘We are extremely pleased with the third Amsterdam-based location. This location is strategically located between Schiphol and the South Axis, what makes it a perfect location for international business nomads.’