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Amsterdam, March 30, 2017 – Dutch Newspaper ‘Het Parool’ headlined: ‘Tribes will open 10 locations in the capital’ half a year ago. Today Tribes announced its 5th location in Amsterdam in less than six months, more than any other operator has ever performed within this time frame. The newest location of Tribes will open its doors in the special Oval Tower, located in the ArenA Boulevard area in Amsterdam Southeast, after the summer.


Less than a month ago, Tribes opened the third Amsterdam-based location at Businesspark Riekerpolder and in three weeks Tribes will open the fourth location (and second) at South-Axis and now there is added a fifth. The one in the Oval Tower is the 14th location of the whole Tribes network throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. Chief and Founder, Eduard Schaepman about the new location: ‘Amsterdam embraced Tribes and we embraced Amsterdam. We are very proud of this result, and definitely plan to continue at this pace. Other operators had years to do this, we accomplish it in six months. It is a response to the demand of Tribes: there are many business nomads who want to work at our locations, and we like to provide them with an inspiring work place and meeting area.


The Oval Tower is with its 95 meters the tallest building in Southeast, and is easily accessible due to its location between the main highways. And train station Amsterdam Bijlmer is only a 100 meter away. In 2012 the building was renovated on a large scale, and it is the first existing building in the Netherlands with the ‘LEED Gold’ sustainability label.