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Thursday, April 20th, 2017 – Tribes Inspiring Workplaces has opened its fourth location in Amsterdam today. This location is the eleventh of the whole Tribes network. Together with Merante van Amersfoort as Amy Winehouse, Chief and founder of Tribes, Eduard Schaepman, declared the new Tribes location officially to be opened. Schaepman about the new location: ‘This is the second Tribes location at the South Axis, and the fourth in Amsterdam, but we aren’t finished yet. Amsterdam has locked us in the heart, and working at Tribes is becoming a trend.’

The new Tribes location is located in the Ito Tower and has a very special hero tribe: The X-Tribe. Schaepman came up with the X-Tribe, a group that has been around for 100 years. This group has been around for 100 years, to innovate, search for boundaries and go against the established order is characteristic for the members of this Tribe. Names like Amy Winehouse, Steve Jobs, Muhammed Ali, Max Verstappen and Johan Cruijff are member of the X-Tribe. International, national, famous and unknown, anyone crazy enough to think that he/she can improve the world, dares to dare to dare, is part of this new tribe.

Schaepman arrived the Ito tower in his own way, where he made his entrance into an electric folding scooter. After his welcome speech, Merante van Amersfoort performed as Amy Winehouse to get into the X-Tribe vibe, after which the opening party began!