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The Aboriginals, also called Aborigines, are the original inhabitants of the Australian continent. They are one of the oldest nations on earth. The Aboriginals came to Australia from Southeast Asia about 45.000 years ago. For this they used a natural land bridge that arose from the sea during the ice age. Once arrived, they spread over the entire continent and formed around 500 tribes. All these tribes have different languages, religions
and cultures. There are tribes who live in the desert or tropical rainforest, but the biggest part lives in the river areas, coastal plains and in the mountains. The different groups within the tribes have different names, in Sydney they call themselves ‘Koori’ and in Central-Australia they use names like ‘Anungu’ or ‘Yapa’.


Ever since the Aboriginals arrived in Australia many years ago, they have spread themselves over the continent. All these clans have their own languages, rituals and customs. Despite all the differences between, all the Aboriginals have one thing in common: their religion, which they call the Dreamtime. It’s the period before the creation of life on earth, but at the same time it also describes the afterlife, where the unborn live and where the dead return to. The dreamtime is the basis of the Aboriginal life, it’s their holy bible and their guide.


Giant snake

Aboriginals believe that their ancestors entered the world in the form of a giant snake, coming from the heart of the earth. This snake made his way through the world, creating natural elements such as rivers and mountains. Elements such as the sun, humans and animals were created by other ancestors. The snake is often portrayed in many beautiful colors, which became a feature of the Aboriginals.  


Bush management

One of the most important activities of the Aboriginals is bush management: At the right time of year, the Aboriginals set crops and other plants on fire. The roots of the plant still remain in the ground and can grow again. This often happens at the end of the rainy season because the seeds and roots are still wet at that time and will not be destroyed by the fire.

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Aboriginals & modern professionals

The Aboriginals have been through a lot, especially when the Western people came to the continent. But still, the Aboriginals kept believing in their own dreamtime and in following their own dreams. As business nomads we also have to follow our dreams and keep believing in ourselves!

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Easy accessible from and to the highway, and therefore ideal for business nomads who need to be on the road a lot. Inspired by the colorful Aboriginals from Australia, who can learn you all about the importance of dreaming!

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