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Blue Zone Offices

Work and sport in a healthy environment plus temperature check 

Blue Zone Offices

Our locations will be turned into a Blue Zone Office. In those locations, we've take all possible measures to work safe with 1.5M distance and stay healthy:

  • We've created 'safe zones' around our coworking places, indicating where your 1.5M safe zone starts and ends. 
  • We've adjusted the routing through our locations to make sure you have enough space to walk without someone entering your safe zone. All you need to do is follow the signs. 
  • We ask you to use a pad daily to avoid your hands/arms touching the surface of your daily cleaned desk. 
  • We only accept contactless payments or payments per pin for the time being. 

Our Blue Zones Offices are inspired by the so-called Blue Zones located around the world. These are places where the locals live a longer and healthier life than elsewhere, such as the island of Sardinia in Italy and Okinawa in Japan. They are active, have a lot of exercise, sleep a lot and eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. We believe it's important that you have all means to stay healthy when you're at work. So, we've created a fitness room, relaxation area, and healthcare musthaves (from vitamins to face masks) so that you can give your immune system a boost!

Stop by, give it a try or book a tour right away. We'd love to welcome you in our locations - on 1.5M working distance! 


Visit a Blue Zone workplace

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Everything you need right now:

The Blue Zone Offices have everything you need right now. From webinar rooms, safety products to musthaves and immune system boosters, and we even have created a special Blue Zone News tool, with all economical news updates on Covid-19.

Or are you interested in our Blue Zone concept for your own office? That's possible! Contact us for more information. 

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