Blue Zone Office

Eduard Schaepman
23 Apr 2020

Blue Zone Office

by Eduard Schaepman, on 23 Apr 2020

I never expected this… What a media attention for our very first Blue Zone Office! Last Monday we put the finishing touches to our Blue Zone Office: the first corona-proof Tribes location!  The AD, ANP, RTL Nieuws, EditieNL, het Parool, BNR, de Telegraaf, PowNews, MBS News, PropertyNL, Vastgoedjournaal, VastgoedBerichten, RTLZ and even a Chinese media agency: the interest was huge. 

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We transformed our office on the Zuidas to be fully prepared for the one-and-a-half-meter society. With a thermal camera, disinfection dispensers, desk pads against skin to desk contact, plexiglass barriers and smart routing so that you are also safe in our corridors, you can work safely with us. The other Tribes locations will follow in the coming weeks, because everywhere you have to be able to work safely and with a good feeling.

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But Tribes wouldn't be inspiring if we don't go a step further. Because these days, it's so important to work on your health, and we offer the resources for that in our Blue Zone Offices! Because even though the gyms are closed, you can still keep fit in fun ways. That's why we've set up a sports area, with a smart mirror where you can do a fitness or kickboxing workout with a virtual personal trainer. I've done it a couple of times now, and honestly: the advanced sessions are a challenge.

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Of course, there's also a rest area, with special chairs or beds where you can sleep or relax. Just listen to a podcast or read the news in our special Tribes Corona News app (with only important economic news about the current situation). To give your immune system a real boost, we have placed vending machines from which you can take vitamin pills, but also face masks (unsuitable for medical staff), gloves and disinfection gels are available.

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As the regular reader knows, I'm very focused on my health. By now I know that you can do a lot yourself. With sport, rest, sleep and nutrition you can boost your immune system, to reduce the risks of infection and spread of the virus (and other viruses) as much as possible. I absolutely wanted to offer the tools for that in our Blue Zone Office concept.


And why is it called Blue Zone Office?  That refers, of course, to the areas of the world where the population shares a specific lifestyle and living environment, and where people live measurably longer. They are active, have a lot of exercise, sleep a lot and eat a lot of fruit and vegetables (= vitamins!).


Would you like to turn your office into such a Blue Zone Office? That is possible! I will talk to you in (digital) person to discuss your wishes and needs, and then offer you a total package. From plexiglass to signage for the routing, I am happy to help!

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