Corona advice: decrease the risk!

Eduard Schaepman
5 Mar 2020

Corona advice: decrease the risk!

by Eduard Schaepman, on 5 Mar 2020

Most of us remain fairly down-to-earth regarding the Corona virus outbreak. At least, those I speak to stay calm (and since everyone talks about it, I’ve spoken with a lot of people about the virus). You just need to wash your hands the way you should (several times a day, and especially after every toilet visit – which young people seem to forget sometimes), and you don’t need any disinfecting gels at all. If that virus spreads, it will happen anyway, whether you give each other a disinfected hand or don’t touch each other at all.


In my opinion, the panic that now reigns among the ‘slightly less down-to-earth Dutch people’, who started to hoard mouth caps and disinfectants, is the result of the media attention. Of course, we need communication on the subject, but how are we supposed to stay calm when our timelines are dominated by the virus? As the virus got geographically closer, some began to get nervous. 'Yes, that's logical, because it's more likely to arrive in the Netherlands', you might think. But perhaps the panic has to do with the number of media reports about that one case that was just across the border. And from the moment the virus arrived in the Netherlands, everything you read, see and hear is about Corona (and yes, this blog as well).

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With a death rate of 2-3% (which is probably even lower because not everyone with symptoms reports, because they just experience a mild form of flu), I'm not really worried yet. Whether that is justified or not, we will know in a couple of months, but until then we have to deal with it sensibly and seriously. So, we too, follow the advice of the RIVM, and have spread that advice among our employees and members. And we understand that companies' fear the consequences of the virus, because if you show symptoms, have a fever, and have been in an infected area or had contact with an infected person, then you should stay at home with the RIVM. Imagine that one of your employees is infected and may have infected an entire department... Imagine that your entire company is out of business!

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We've thought about that: spread the risk by splitting up your departments into 2 or more groups (after all, we have 23 Tribes locations, so you can make as many groups as you like). When a department is split in two, you have half who can work 'at home' in their own office, and the other half who can sit comfortably at Tribes (and they'll feel at home soon enough). And because people are creatures of habit, we understand that your employees prefer to work in their own environment. So, it’s fine if those groups rotate: the temporary workplaces are not bound to individuals. If one week one person works on a workspace and the other week another person (but in the same group of course): that’s fine with us. Because if there is a corona infected person within a department, you only have to fear that one half of that department will drop out, and the other half will be able to continue working. Call us for advice, we like to think along with you in these uncertain times!

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