How healthy is Yvonne van Remmen?

Eduard Schaepman
10 Jun 2021

How healthy is Yvonne van Remmen?

by Eduard Schaepman, on 10 Jun 2021

This week, I am having a conversation with Yvonne van Remmen, interim consultant and Shiatsu therapist, a special combination I would like to know more about. Yvonne was born in the Betuwe, in a small village near Wageningen called Zetten. She lived there until she was 18, after which she moved to Amsterdam. There, she studied Law and International Relations, a choice that was stimulated by her desire to work for Amnesty International: to tackle systems, knowledge of the law is important.

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Radical decision

After studying in the Netherlands in Amsterdam and Utrecht, Yvonne left for England. There she also completed masters in European and International Law. She started at a law firm in England and eventually went to work in an office on Dutch ground. She liked the work and a successful career was on the horizon. But she made long days because of international contacts: when the whole of the Netherlands was in a traffic jam going home, she started on 'part 2' of her day, because for many American parties the day was just beginning. After one and a half years, she took a radical decision during a trip to India: she decided to quit her full-time job.


Shiatsu therapist

She then went to work as an interim lawyer and received an MBA scholarship in Thailand, where she saw and learned a lot in 1.5 years. Love brought her back to the Netherlands, and she decided to study Shiatsu. She passed the Shiatsu school in Amsterdam every day, had been curious for years, and so decided to follow the 4-year training to become a Shiatsu therapist. Shiatsu is a Japanese manual therapy for physical and mental complaints, in which pressure is applied to the skin with thumbs, fingers and palms. She completed her training in 2008 and has since helped many people. Shiatsu therapy is prescribed by doctors, because the treatment is reimbursed, or people seek contact themselves after years of complaints. People can come to Yvonne for back, neck and shoulder complaints, but also for burnout complaints. Because Shiatsu can not only be a solution for physical complaints but also for mental complaints. Eastern models assume that organs also have a spiritual and emotional function, where memories and feelings are stored that can be brought to the surface through touch. It all has to do with energy and energy flows, and Shiatsu can help to relax.


Health an 8,5 and happiness a 9

Besides her work as a Shiatsu therapist, Yvonne also works as an interim consultant. During corona she works a lot from home, so she makes sure to walk at least an hour a day to get her exercise. She eats consciously and locally, and after 24 years of being a vegetarian, she suddenly felt like eating a bit of meat, so now and then she adds it to her menu. She gives her health an 8.5 and says she can improve it by exercising even more, and she gives her happiness a good 9. Her tip is to take a moment of silence every now and then and unwind, whether that's through meditation or a quiet walk in the countryside.

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