Inspiring colleague: Casper Klap

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11 Oct 2019

Inspiring colleague: Casper Klap

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 11 Oct 2019

Inspiring Chief Casper Klap is a familiar face on the South Axis. He's Chief on all three locations we have there, Amsterdam South Axis Zuiderhof, Amsterdam South Axis SOM and Amsterdam South Axis ITO

I love to read and have more than 1000 books in my home. Also I have been selected for the Bookspot Literature Prize Readers Jury. The Jury, comprising of 25 Belgian & 25 Dutch readers, will award a prize of € 5000,-  to one of the books this November.

I was invited to join the opening of the X-Tribe at the ITO Tower and met some  first hour Tribers whom I knew from previous careers. The funny thing was that many business associates automatically assumed that I was (or would be) the Chief there. The look and feel of the X-Tribe is a match made in heaven for someone like me. (The ongoing joke now, 2 years later, is that our Guests often ask the question of who came first; Casper or the X-Tribe). When Karin and Jasper actually did ask me to join a couple of weeks later I didn’t need much persuading.

The combination of Sales, Hospitality and Operations catering to an International Clientele is the main reason I enjoy my work here. Fast movers and high rollers combined with starters bursting with creativity make every day different. Apart from the Inspiring Visits, Telling the Tribes story and dealing with Building Management companies a lot of my time is spent talking with and listening to our guests and their visitors. – Of course this is only possible because all my three Tribes locations have great teams taking care of the daily routines. Thanks Guys for helping me make every day a success for our guests!-

Ever since I started my working career (way back in the early eighties in the last century of the previous millennium) I have landed International oriented jobs that required some, and sometimes extensive, travelling. Airline tickets were booked by telex-machine, telephones were big and black and could not be moved and internet existed only in Science Fiction movies. Being a Business Nomad has become a lot easier over the last decades. And a lot more fun now that we can plug in and zone out in our Tribes Centres.

The last event I visited was my besties, Sander van Holland, 40th. Birthday Party. Lots of friends and business associates from the past and present attended and I even caught a glimpse of our auspicious Chief and Founding Father Eduard Schaepman.

One thing I learned a Tribes: There are 34 indigenous Nomadic Tribes left in the World…. (If you would like to learn more about this read your Tribal Booklet and after you read it sell it to your customers).