Inspiring member: Hadassah Vorm

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14 Jun 2019

Inspiring member: Hadassah Vorm

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 14 Jun 2019


Name: Hadassah Vorm Logo-Ora-small

Company: ORA Offshore Customs Consultancy

Sector: offshore customs consultancy

Function: Executive director / owner

Tribes location: office at Capelle a/d IJssel

About me: As a female in a mostly male-dominated industry it is really challenging to stand ‘tall’ but also a fun factor in itself because the unexpected reactions and enthousiastic willingness to cooperate and make the customs handling as compliant possible by all parties involved.

As a mother of 5, I have always worked and coming from a family of entrepreneurs it was not only in the Netherlands a joy to be your own ‘boss’ but also in South America (Suriname) where my husband and I runned our own customs consultancy agency as well for many years it still makes me very happy to have this success within 3 years and see the growth within the company.

About ORA Offshore Customs Consultancy: consultancy customs issues for the offshore- and windfarms business.

The biggest success: to never try any acquisition but to see customers come to us.

Just another day at the office: always an early start around 7:00!

I would still like to develop myself in: my profession.

Last visited event: I visited AntwerpXL, and was round table speaker too.

Favorite gadget: Iphone

Means of transport: car

Social media: LinkedIn

Favorite app: Bank

I always have these products with me: Lipstick, telephone

In my personal time I'm busy with: family, pets and I like to visit the beach. 

Why Tribes: because of the different interiors!

First impression of Tribes: very good & professional


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