Let it go and take the jump!

Eduard Schaepman
5 Jul 2018

Let it go and take the jump!

by Eduard Schaepman, on 5 Jul 2018


While everyone is already in holiday atmospheres (especially with this nice weather), we’re still busy as always at Tribes. Next Thursday we will open Tribes Frankfurt Central Station, our third German location! The workplaces and offices at this location are entirely dedicated to the Vanuatu, a tribe of the archipelago of the same name. A famous ceremony is 'land diving', i.e. jumping of a high, self-built, wooden tower, with a vine tied around their feet. It is the predecessor of bungee jumping... The men do this to celebrate the harvest, and to show that they are worthy of adulthood. To make such a leap, you can’t be afraid, and it trains you in letting go of your fear. So, you can imagine that the Vanuatu are ‘fearless’!

Abri of Vanuatu with Eduard Schaepman

As an entrepreneur, but also as a father or man, I have also experienced those moments when you have to dare to let go. You regularly make such a leap of faith; 

take for example the launch of Tribes abroad, or even the launch of the first Tribes location ever. It's quite an exciting moment; you're never sure if your concept will be embraced, or if the workstations will be used. I too had quite a few nerves for that.

Together with my wife Veronique, I am currently also busy ‘letting go’. Our children are becoming increasingly independent, and every age brings obstacles that you, as a parent, want to face fearlessly. Take cycling alone to school for the first time, or now, in this era: the first social media channels. Our daughters wanted an Instagram channel so much, because 'everyone has it. There is little you can do about it, and the first steps in our children's wide world are no longer just physical. They are also taking their first digital steps, and those are accompanied by some risks. How do you deal with this, without frightening your daughters of all the dangers of the Internet? Of course, you have to inform them, but you still want to keep a certain amount of control. So, a good preparation, optimal privacy settings and the channels shielded from strangers. That way you take that piece of control again; and with a small inspection every now and then (we all do that when they are so young), we can go fearless through life again.

I myself love to be in control anyway; everything I'm not in control is a bit exciting. My first parachute jump was a duo jump; terrifying. I wasn't in control, but was hanging secured to my instructor, who I had to trust blindly. Immediately after that I took my first solo jump, literally a dive into the deep. That immediately felt a lot better, because I was in control again.

That's why I probably have a good understanding of the Vanuatu. They build their own wooden tower (about 30 meters high), inspect every inch before the jump, and choose their own vines. They only jump when they feel at ease, when they know that the risk is as low as possible. They have good preparation, are in control and can therefore take the leap fearless.

Learn all about it at Frankfurt Central Station, at the opening next week 11 July! For a sneak peak you can book a tour at, 0800 22 55 874!

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