Meet our Colleague: Kim Borremans

Tribes Inspiring Workplaces
19 Jun 2020

Meet our Colleague: Kim Borremans

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 19 Jun 2020

For this week we are back in the beautiful city of Rotterdam and this time we are at Tribes location Rotterdam Wilhelminatoren. This Tribes location is unique because of the beautiful view over the Skyline of Rotterdam. On the 15th floor you will find private offices and meeting rooms, while working you will have a nice view of the Erasmus Bridge, which is a real "eye-catcher" of this location. On the first floor you will find nice co-workingspaces. It is the favorite spot of our Tribes colleague & hostess; Kim Borremans. Kim is 34 years young, born and raised in the city of Rotterdam. She has lived in the city of Rotterdam all her life. You can say she is a real city girl. She has been working at Tribes for two years, and she has been working permanently at Tribes location Rotterdam Wilhelminatoren for one year now. Kim likes the atmosphere; knows all the members in this building, and she lives close to the location. Besides, she is still having a great time.

The love for the city of Rotterdam!

" The sobriety and the people living in this city are very direct. When you talk to someone from Rotterdam you immediately notice that they dare to say more than people from other cities. The typical citizen of Rotterdam is not afraid to say what it says."

"You have so many different people in this town. Everyone has their own culture, lifestyle, and profession. Yet there is much togetherness among us. We are all different, but together we are Rotterdam. Everyone can and may do their own thing. I like that and that's why I don't see myself living in another city."

The members know Kim as a quiet, sweet, and helpful lady who is always ready for her members to help. That hospitality is in her DNA and because of her administrative experience, the work for her is varied and also the reason why she likes to work at Tribes. Family and friends are very important to Kim and especially her younger sister of twelve with whom she has a very strong connection. During her free time, she likes to walk and cycle in the nature. Especially, walking in nature she prefers to do that with her little dog named Tipsey (see picture below). When Kim  is at home, she enjoys reading books and specifically philosophical books. Kim advises you to read this book;Dali Lama -Art of Happiness.

This book is unique and important, Dali Lama is one of the world's great spiritual leaders who offer his practical wisdom and advice on how to overcome everyday human problems and achieve lasting happiness. 

Kim's career:
Kim loves to get things done, a real mentality that comes from the city of Rotterdam. She has never been idle and that's why Kim has always worked in different industries, trying to find out what really suits her. In fact, she is versatile and usable everywhere for work. Kim has gained various education and work experience. She started her career with an administrative training, after her training she took a different direction. She finds out she gets more energy of working with people and for people. And so, she started the course of (SPW) social pedagogical training towards care.

The training offers the opportunity to work in welfare work, parenting support and life support, especially in special housing types. Think of assisted living for disabled people. Eventually she moved on and wanted to work with children. After finishing her education Kim worked for two years at a kindergarten for group 3. Despite she liked it all, she also wanted to go into the hospitality industry. In addition to her studies, she has also completed several catering courses and master classes.

Kim started at Tribes as a mobile host. At times, she was also placed to work in other Tribes locations in Rotterdam and The Hague. Before, she used to enjoy this, because she gets in touch with other members from different locations, and she found out that all the other locations, were all different in the inside. Kim likes Tribes because each location is inspired by a different hero-tribe. After a year working as a mobile host, Tribes has hired her, and It was for Kim quite easy to choose her favorite Tribes location in Rotterdam.

I saw a nice vacancy pass by on the internet what drew my attention. It was a combination of hospitality and administrative taska. Exactly both the work that I have done, and what I like. This was the perfect combination. Also, I like the concept/story behind Tribes. The beauty of each location is inspired by a different tribe, which makes Tribes so unique from other business centers.
For example, Tribes Rotterdam Wilhelminatoren was inspired by the tribe Kazakh. The Kazakh are a Turkish nomadic people from Eastern Europe and the northern parts of Central Asia (mostly Kazakhstan, but also in parts of Uzbekistan, China, Russia and Mongolia). That is the reason why this location was named after the Kazakh Tribe; because from above the overview is larger, and making decisions is easier. For this they use golden eagles that are used from the arm of the rider to find prey for the hunters, or to create creeping enemies. It's all very well-thought-out and besides that you also learn something about a tribe of those different locations.”

Tribes Rotterdam Wilhelminatoren

" I come from the south of Rotterdam, but besides the fact that I live so close, the atmosphere of the Tribes location Rotterdam Wilherminatoren suits the best for me compared with the other Tribes locations in Rotterdam. The members of this Tribes location are more relaxing, less businesslike  and that suits better for me. Besides, I know all the members of the building very well. Another thing I like is that i have to work with different people and companies, from psychiatrists to advertisers. But also, the mix of large and small entrepreneurs, national and international."