Meet our Member: Anton van der Meij

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15 Feb 2019

Meet our Member: Anton van der Meij

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 15 Feb 2019

A group of adult men travelling from village to village to accompany the cow-jumping ceremonies. That is the Maza, and also the name of the meeting room in which Anton van der Meij of coaching company MioS, tells us everything about his business. In this inspiring room of the Hamar, at Tribes Utrecht Central Station, Anton welcomes his clients every other week, and today he welcomes us too!

MioS: Who, What, Where?
Anton van der Meij started his coaching company Mios 19 years ago. He helps both companies and individuals with their growth and happiness, as he puts it so beautifully himself. We ask how exactly that works. Anton: "As a management consultant I provide management support to companies, which interferes with everyday practice: managing. The management support has a great team building capacity, and makes it possible for teams to focus more strategically on their business. Whereas intervision and coaching focus on interpersonal effectiveness, management support focuses on the effectiveness of the team, in its daily context. These interventions are both individual and group-oriented, and always linked to the tactical and/or strategic skill of managing. Management support is therefore actually also a form of coaching, focused on the objectives of the organisation". Besides guiding companies, Anton is also a coach for individuals who know how to find Anton when they experience cognitive problems, when they are uncertain about raising their children, when they have relationship problems, when they want to learn to deal with their weaknesses or simply are not happy, despite all the luxury they have.

Businesses Nomad Anton
Anton is specialized in social pedagogy, organizational science and management leadership. He uses these specializations as Lifetime coach and Assessor of the Management Mayturity Assessment at companies, and as Coach of the Inspiration Program at individuals. As he tells about his work, his passion and enthusiasm is almost tangible, and when we notice that he can only confirm that. Anton: "That is indeed true. I have a lot of fun in my work. I really have a passion for change, the application of (re)organisational studies, stimulating growth and inspiring people. It is my mission to be able to mean something in the growth and happiness of people and organizations". Anton has held various coaching positions such as Coach, Trainer and Continuous Improvement manager at companies such as AtoS, Sligro, KPN and ING.

Change management
As a management consultant Anton is involved in change management within organizations. "Organisations call on my help, for example, when they are in financial decline, when they are out of shape in a short period of time or when different generations within a company collide". Anton indicates that he is particularly interested in the latter aspect. "What I'm currently dealing with, are Millennials who have a different treatment than employees of the Generation-X. If management doesn't tackle this properly or doesn't understand it properly, you lose those people. This generation has to do with issues like insecurity and perfectionism, have grown up with the idea that everything is possible and attach great value to self-development. How do you guide that group? How do you keep them productive, motivated and captivated? These kinds of questions are not (only) about management, but mainly about a socio-psychological approach. And that is precisely why I find it so incredibly interesting. Many organisations find it difficult to adapt to this, and that is what I come across.

MioS & Tribes
Besides guiding companies, Anton works 1 day a week as Coach of the Inspiration trajectory for his coachees. Every other week he uses one of the meeting rooms of Tribes Utrecht Central Station and we ask him how he likes it. "I'm having a great time here! The service is good, the people are nice and everything is always well organised. The meeting rooms are always neatly maintained and have a professional appearance, which makes that I find it a nice place to receive my clients.

Want to get in touch with Anton? Meet him at LinkedIn!