Meet our member: Lotte Lobé

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12 Jun 2020

Meet our member: Lotte Lobé

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 12 Jun 2020

Lotte Lobé is a young and ambitious entrepreneur. Lotte is founder of Topsales Amsterdam, she is a sales consultant for B2B and keynote speaker. In addition to that, she shares daily sales advice via social media like Instagram (@lotte.topsales) and Linkedin. An example of content she shares is the video added to this article. Later more about her company, first a small introduction about Lotte herself. Lotte is 25 years young (almost 26) but already has 8 years of sales experience. She is born and raised in Bergen op Zoom, which is a city in the south of the Netherlands. Every year in the south they celebrated Carnaval and this is something Lotte do not want to miss. For her career, she left Bergen op zoom at the age of 18 and moved to Amsterdam. She also lived in London for 1,5 years. Lotte completed her master’s degree in Sales & Marketing at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.

Lotte Lobé has not been a member of Tribes for very long, however, she really enjoys her place at Tribes location Amsterdam South Axis in the ITO building. For Lotte, the South Axis is a familiar area, because her previous employer is also located on the South Axis. She gets along well with the Tribes hostess team and it is always fun with Casper Klap. The atmosphere is also important, besides the hard work. Lotte says: 'I really like ITO South Axis because of the dynamic atmosphere and network opportunities. I have a community card now, but my goal is to rent an office at a Tribes location.”

In addition to hard work, sports are also very important for Lotte, for relaxation she runs during the week and she likes to play the piano. In the weekend she loves Friday drinks, dinner and dancing with her friends to blow of some steam.

 About Topsales Amsterdam.

Topsales Amsterdam is a B2B sales consultancy company which helps companies grow by improving sales results, people, and processes. They offer consultancy services, training, and coaching (also in the workplace). Clients come to Topsales Amsterdam with a sales related challenge or goal as for example:

  • How can we attract new customers?
  • We are product and industry experts, but can you help with our sales strategy and processes?
  • What can we do to increase our customer retention rate?
  • Can you help our salespeople improve skills and work efficiency?

Topsales Amsterdam provides strategic sales advice and also helps with the implementation.

The Journey of Lotte

Lotte has already achieved a lot for her young age. At the age of 17 she started with selling lottery tickets by cold calling. Bringing in new customers and making new connections is what she loves to do. It is therefore no surprise that she was going to study Sales & Marketing. Besides her studies she was a member of the student association Marketing Association Amsterdam (MAA), where she was part of the Amsterdam Recruitment Event committee. An event to connect ambitious students with corporate companies. Lotte was responsible for the acquisition of companies to participate in this recruitment event. Large companies such as ABN AMRO, ING bank and Unilever joint the event.

Prior to Topsales Amsterdam, she lived and worked in the City of London (financial business district), working for IHS Markit and selling Fixed Income related data and services to financial institutions. She was part of an international sales team and covered the regions DACH, Benelux and Nordics. Lotte worked with international clients like Deutsche Bank and HSBC.

Lotte loves to approach and be pro-active and this is also how she managed to get a job in the City of London. Next to her studies, she worked as a host and receptionist at ABN AMRO at the South Axis. She hosted an event which was organized by ABN AMRO and IHS Markit. The global head of sales from IHS Markit attended the event, and she simply said to him: ‘I want to work for you in New York’. After chasing for weeks, eventually she got a job offer for their London offices. After 1,5 years in London, she continued her job at the IHS Markit office located at the South Axis.

How was your London experience and what did you learn in particular?

"It was a great time and I learned a lot. It was very double on the one hand it is fantastic but on the other hand you get to know yourself very well, also because I was very young (22). It's hard work and proving yourself."

The reason why she started for herself?

She eventually started for herself, because she noticed that she had a desire for a bigger purpose in her life. Lotte started with actively investigating what this purpose was. She wrote in a notebook daily what she liked, what she didn’t like, what she is good at and also what she’s not so good at. She listened to a lot of mindset podcasts and has read plenty of self- development books. She even did an interview with her best friend to find out how she’s perceived. Eventually she connected the dots and decided to put her passion and skills together in one company: B2B sales, entrepreneurship, public speaking, and helping companies and people grow.

"Clients come back to me because I am reliable, dedicated and passionate about my work. In addition, I think building a long-term relationship with my clients is the most important thing. Currently I am the only sales consultant at Topsales Amsterdam, but the long-term goal is to hire more (international) sales consultants for the company. Working in an office at Tribes of course!’’

Quote Lotte

To be successful in sales, your interest should be in helping your clients succeed. This goes much further than facilitating your products and services.

One hour Boost Your Sales session

Because Lotte wants to support the Tribes community, she’s offering a one hour Boost Your Sales brainstorm session to Tribes members in June. In this hour, you can ask Lotte all your sales related questions and discuss the challenges you might be facing. Contact for more information and leave your number so she can call you to discuss.

B2B leads video Lotte