Meet our Member: Philippe Fimmers

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4 Jan 2019

Meet our Member: Philippe Fimmers

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 4 Jan 2019

At Tribes we prefer to get to know all our members, and then we like to introduce them all to you. With offices in the Netherlands, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Brussels, it can be called a nice challenge. Fortunately, we have technology. What should we do without it? Via skype we met Philippe Fimmers, one of the partners of Eight Advisory and since February 2018 member of Tribes Brussels European Quarter.

20190104 - Logo Eight Advisory

Eight Advisory: Who, What, Where?
Eight Advisory is an independent financial and operational consultancy firm specialising in transaction, corporate restructuring and transformation. In 2009, 8 partners joined forces and started Eight Advisory in Paris. The firm advises managers, shareholders, banks and potential investors in their decisions. They work with companies of all sizes: family businesses, ETI, CAC 40 companies and multinationals. Philippe: "In concrete terms, we are between selling and buying a company, but we also work operationally to make companies stronger and better. In contrast to our competitors of the 'Big Four', The largest audit firms Deloitte, PwC, Ernst & Young and KPMG, we are more independent as we do not offer audit services, which means that there can be no conflict between the formulation of advice to clients and the audit services". Eight Advisory now has offices in Paris, Brussels, London and Frankfurt and works closely with partners in the Netherlands and Poland. With 350 employees, 39 partners and its large international network, Eight Advisory is a leading company in the market.

Experienced, transparent, reliable
We ask Philippe about what makes Eight Advisory special. Philippe: "First of all the experience we have together: 1750 years in total". All partners of Eight Advisory are acknowledged experts and benchmark players in each of their fields. For many years they have contributed to the professionalisation and development of the practices of transaction services, restructuring, evaluation, litigation support and transformation. "We also value the multidisciplinary nature of our employees. They receive regular training and we give them the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects". As mentioned earlier, this consultancy operates independently. Philippe: "This enables us to guarantee confidentiality, which is a core value at Eight Advisory. Knowing our clients, accelerates the identification of conflicts and guarantees a discrete procedure". Experienced and reliable, we note. And Philippe wants to add something to that. "Yes, and our streamlined structure allows us to offer competitive pricing. We are careful to provide entirely accurate reporting for our clients concerning the time we spend on assignments".

Business Nomad Philippe
We ask Philippe how he ended up at Eight Advisory: "Previously, I worked at PwC. There I worked on transaction services such as corporate restructuring and refinancing services. After 18 years at PwC, I decided in early 2018 to join Eight Advisory together with my colleague Tom De Troyer, who is responsible for the operatioanle department. I was looking for more dynamic work and I definitely found it here. Together with my colleague from PwC we made the switch and since February 2018 we have started the Brussels office together".

Eight Advisory & Tribes
We ask Philippe how he and his colleague found their way to Tribes and he explains to us that our concept appealed to them. "Tribes has quality workplaces, and all facilities are available. It is a very nice environment to work in. I can say that we are satisfied with everything Tribes has to offer. We are on the 1st floor where we have a lot of space. The idea that we are among other companies is very attractive.".

Want to get in touch with Eight Advisory? Click here for their website!