Meet our partner: Conversion Crew

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29 Nov 2019

Meet our partner: Conversion Crew

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 29 Nov 2019

This week we like to introduce you to one of our amazing partners. The Conversion Crew team consists of heroes, who help us with our website! They've written a little story, and they stopped by at Eduard's to interview him! Read and watch along and get to know them!

In May 2015, Tribes introduced its first high-end office solution in Eindhoven. Since then, Tribes has opened another 23 inspiring workstations for business nomads in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. More and more professionals are opting for a fully equipped workplace at Tribes. As a marketing partner of Tribes, we are extremely proud of our contribution to this fast-growing business community.

Tribes + Conversion Crew

CC 3The Conversion Crew team helps companies become more successful and grow through the use of inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is about reaching, attracting, convincing and then retaining potential customers from the right target groups by creating valuable content for them. We support our clients in setting up the marketing strategy, maintaining the website, creating content and implementing marketing expressions such as advertisements on social media and Google.

For Tribes we develop inspiring content for their social media channels. That's the place where Tribes communicates with many potential members. In order to create valuable content, we follow relevant trends and developments in their field of expertise. That's how we stay up-to-date on the latest innovations in the field of work and workplaces.

"Thanks to the cooperation with Conversion Crew, we are able to see good, solid results that contribute to the success and rapid growth of Tribes.

Eduard Schaepman, Chief & Founder Tribes

A nice website is of course a good basis, but of little added value if it does not attract the right target group or is hardly found. With the right social media content and by maintaining the social channels and interaction with the followers, we lead more relevant visitors to the Tribes website.

In order to optimize Tribes' inbound marketing, we use HubSpot. This is a (cloud-based) software platform that helps commercial teams to work effectively to generate more website visitors, leads and (satisfied) members. The integration of HubSpot is quick and easy. With the help of this software solution, the website can also be easily adapted. This allows Tribes to continuously respond to what the (potential) members want to see.

The biggest success of our collaboration with Tribes is the conversion of book-a-tour. A visit, or a tour, is an ideal way to get to know a location and get to know the Tribes atmosphere before you decide to buy an office at Tribes. For our collaboration, the form was working, but it wasn't always easy to use, or easy to find. We helped Tribes to increase the conversion rate of the form by more than 10 percent, a great result!

Enough about us, Eduard can tell it much better himself:


Tribes Testimonial (Subs)


Want to know more about Conversion Crew? Contact us or have look at our website!

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