Meet Tribes Amsterdam Amstel

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13 Dec 2019

Meet Tribes Amsterdam Amstel

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 13 Dec 2019

When you're choosing between locations, you want to know everything about them, right? So, besides getting to know all about the inspiring Tribes members, colleagues and partners, we've been asked to write a little story about our locations every once in a while. This week we'll introduce you to our very first Amsterdam location: Tribes Amsterdam Amstel, inspired by the Suri! Read along! 

Tribes Amsterdam Amstel was opened September 15th 2016 and it's been a pretty cool location ever since (but we might be a little biased, so don't hesitate to try one day for yourself).

The location

The location is quite big and all the workplaces are spread over three floors. Besides a large coworking area, we also have a bar, restaurant, several meeting rooms and offices located on the ground floor. The first floor is entirely customized for a member (yes, we can do that too, just give us a call), and on the second floor you'll find more offices and meeting rooms (and don't get lost there). 


Tribal Table

Let's not forget about our Tribal Table on the ground floor: it's purple purple, from the colour of the Suri, and surrounded by sticks from their stick-fighting ritual. The Tribal Table is ideal for meetings: you sit at a round table, which makes it possible to have eye-contact with everyone! The Tribes Amstel Team loves to host their member-meetings there, sometimes combined with lunches (or breakfast!). 

Amstel Tribal Table


Although it's everyday a party at Tribes Amsterdam Amstel, they celebrate the 'almost-weekend' with drinks on Thursday (which sometimes goes on till Fridays, especially when member Derck Mekkering brings his karaoke set), and sometimes it's a small group, sometimes a little bigger, but the vibe is always great. Our team helps you with everything you need, from drinks to snacks and complete meals: just ask them!

Amstel drinks

The Suri Community

The Suri Community is a close community. Members ask each other's advice, visit each other's events, and they go out for lunches, dinner and other fun stuff. They even planned a wine-tasting (yes, that's just another day at the office @ Tribes Amsterdam Amstel ) for which the Tribal Table of course is the ideal spot. But, they also go on boat trips with each other and visit cafés in the centre of Amsterdam. 

Tribal Amstel

The Team: Melle, Chevelle, Shannella, Maxime, Lisanne, Jos and Joël! 

Melle Verhorst is your amazing Tribal Chief at this location (and you'll also find him at Tribes Amsterdam Arena), making sure that you can concentrate on your business, while your workplace stays perfect. He's not alone off course: together with an amazing team of hostesses and hosts he makes everything work in both of the locations Tribes Amsterdam Amstel and Arena.

PS: want to know exactly what a Tribal Chief or host(ess) does? Or interested to become part of this cool team yourself? We're always looking for talent: check our careers.

Here's the team enjoying a great dinner with each other, with from left to right: Melle, Chevelle, Shannela, Maxime, Lisanne, Jos and Joël! 



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