Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar score on the field; business nomads score at Tribes!

Eduard Schaepman
28 Jun 2018

Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar score on the field; business nomads score at Tribes!

by Eduard Schaepman, on 28 Jun 2018

Today is a busy day in Brussels: the opening of yet another Tribes location and the last poule match between Belgium and England. But my day starts much earlier. One of the tasks of being a Chief is to talk to the chiefs of other tribes from time to time. What is the situation of the tribe, what progress is there, and what can they use to improve? So once in a while I go around all the locations and sit around the table with the location’s Tribal Chief. It's an exciting time; and it's fun every time. 

This time I am greeted in a tribal way; at the entrance the Tribes service team (consisting of the hostesses and the Tribal Chief of the location) is ready to welcome me in style of their tribe. Melle Verhorst, Tribal Chief of Amsterdam Arena and Amsterdam Amstel had the first visit and welcomed me their own way: a dance a la de Suri. So yes, as CEO you suddenly find yourself dancing on the office floor.

It is special, and it gives a very different atmosphere in the office. I can certainly recommend it; because even though it may look a little strange that as CEO you're dancing and jumping with hostesses, it does create team spirit. Like all those crazy selfies of last week, it encourages the teams to combine forces to contribute. It can sometimes be a challenge to make all those 20 locations (21 again this evening), spread over the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany feel one whole. Then you sometimes have to be a bit inventive; and we catch up with all kind of things (see for example our super-cool new planga video). Also applicable for today; because our latest hero-tribe is the inventor of that planga (super fast sunglasses), and we’re going to officially open their location at Brussels Airport this afternoon! 


After visiting all the Tribes in Brussels: the Sami, Hunza and Bajau (I wonder what Loic Tajima and Isabel Palomo and their teams have in store for me!), I end my day at 5 p.m. at Tribes Brussels Airport with an Eskimo kiss (noses against each other) with the Ambassador of Greenland; the homeland of the Inuit. After seeing our location, Mr. Minannguaq Kleist definitely wanted to be present at our opening, to show his country's support for our concept. Among all our workplaces, we are going to do something with the Inuit ‘Bladder Festival’: the ceremony where they return the bladders of animals they killed in the last hunting season to the sea....

We also express our support for the Red Devils: because during the World Cup, Tribes is not only a place where business nomads meet, but also a place where Belgian Devils can score (bussiness) goals!

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