On the move against your will

Eduard Schaepman
10 Jan 2019

On the move against your will

by Eduard Schaepman, on 10 Jan 2019

Business nomads generally love to travel. We not only travel all over the world for the business, but also make a business trip to Cannes, go to Lech to be away from work (or for some away of their wife; mine went along with me), to South-East Asia to spend some 'quality time' with the family or we take the Harley to Route 66 in a last attempt to quell the midlife crisis. And we know all the tricks in the book to make it as comfortable as possible. With miles from the office, and hoping for a last-minute upgrade, which almost always succeeds.

Our Tribes locations are full of travel-minded business nomads, who feed their creativity with all those different and surprising cultures. Because the mind needs to travel to be creative, there is no doubt about that. Until I met Johnny de Mol this summer. The always sympathetic TV host reminded me that unfortunately there are also whole groups that don't travel out of relaxation or to get creative ideas; they simply travel in a last attempt to stay alive.

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Doctors who do not fly business class to a seminar in Las Vegas, but who travel 4 days with 100 fellow passengers in a boat of 15 meters, going to a tent camp. Mothers who don't treat their 16-year-old daughters to plastic surgery, but simply try to keep them out of the hands of the murderous and raping terrorists in their village. If we think of traveling, we should also think of this kind of traveling.


And certainly, on the World Day of Migrants and Refugees on 13 January. Let's remember that there are also people on the move against our will. They have had to leave their safe homes and go to an unknown destination one day. They have to start again, where they are not always welcome. Let's think about it and do something about it.


During the Mosselgala last year, we therefore already supported Johnny's foundation, Movement on the Ground, which offers help to refugees on the Greek island of Lesbos, for them often the first stop on their way to Germany or Sweden. We raised a wonderful amount of €162.220 for Movement on the Ground, but also other support. In line with the philosophy of Movement on the Ground, Luigi Prins, Jan Roersma, Patrick Lommers and their children go to the island for four days to help on the 'campus', as Movement on the Ground's refugee camp is called worthy.

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The result of that evening is great, but I realize all too well that much more support is needed. So, let's dedicate ourselves to those who don't make pleasure trips, but are forced to leave their safe haven. All help, both financial and voluntary, is welcome at Movement on the Ground!


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