Saint Nicholas & his police officers

Eduard Schaepman
6 Dec 2018

Saint Nicholas & his police officers

by Eduard Schaepman, on 6 Dec 2018

 Stories are best remembered by words in verse,

And it apparently also softens the core of your message, no matter how diverse.

So, this week I’ve create a rhyme for you,

Because I have something to say about Saint Nicholas too.

As soon as he arrived with his boat in our country,

There were quite some issues, as we could see.  



Saint Nicholas seems to be slowly leaving the stage,

And it’s not a matter of his old age.

It’s about Pete and the color he should be,

But let’s not make it so difficult, shall we?

We’ve discussed it many times already,

But it remains a feast for kids, so let’s keep it a party. 



Saint Nicholas and Pete were part of everyone’s childhood,

But it now seems that this immortality is coming to an end for good.  

In Rotterdam, Saint Nicholas had to do everything himself already,

But a Saint without Pete destroys the tradition completely.

Yet Saint was not all alone, because he was accompanied by police officers and more,

But also truncheons, bulletproof vests and a lot of anti-Pete activists were part of his tour.



We all have the right to demonstrate,

But stop that whining and all the hate.

Saint Nicholas is a tradition we just have to appreciate,

And yes, that's together with – no matter what color - Pete.

Just like our language, it’s part of our culture,

Or will it become neutral, just like gender?



It seems as if you are no longer allowed to show who you are and what you stand for,

And with the ban on the burka, my doubts about the current political climate become only more.

Let everyone just be themselves, because everyone is worth,

And although it sounds cliché, we all come from the same earth.

Don't always try to regulate everything,

But dive into another culture, start studying!  



It would be boring without all those beautiful cultures and diversities,

Everyone would be the same, and not like now only our bodies.   

I'm talking quite long again,

But let one thing be clear: we’re all the same, we’re human.

Be united just like Saint Nicholas and Pete, and learn from this rhyme,

So just enjoy this December time!




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