Saving Out of Offices

Eduard Schaepman
25 Jul 2019

Saving Out of Offices

by Eduard Schaepman, on 25 Jul 2019

Are you reading this blog today from your office as one of the few? Then you are GREAT! You are a real go-getter, who keeps on going in these 38 degrees. I’m also doing it, in fact: I love it. It’s so nice and quiet now. You don't have to worry about traffic jams, parking garages are deserted, and you can do whatever you want. You finally get to do the things you've been thinking about all year round, from your 'cucumber time list' that everyone has, because almost every mail sent is answered with a new out of office.

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Most of the time you don't read such automatic responses. They are the standard messages, in which the sender announces that he or she is not there until a certain date, and who can help you in case of an emergency. But if you take the time to read them (just put it on your cucumber time list), you'll see that there a few creative people who have really worked on it, and who want to get the most out of their out of office. After all, you can also use it as a marketing tool, so here are some – although I know that you can google it yourself as well - tips from me for your out of office message!


  1. Who will take care of your work during the holidays? After all, that's what the whole message is about; to whom should the sender address his/her request? Don’t forget to include his/her contact details (yes, I've really seen it several times: 'For urgent matters you can contact my colleague X.', but no further details …).
  2. Before you start enjoying your well-deserved holiday, you’ll need to have a handover. Even if you don't transfer any work, sit down with that person, so that they won't be confronted with surprises / aren't on holiday themselves (also really happened: after finally finding the email address from colleague X, you also receive an out of office from him...).
  3. Try to think ahead: what are the subjects that people will probably want to email you about? Is that information perhaps already available on your website, and can you easily solve their questions with a number of hyperlinks? Make use of it, for example if you want to know which Tribes locations there are, you can see them here, you can book a tour directly here, and you can read blogs and other stories here.
  4. Promote your social media channels with such a hyperlink. The sender of the email may also have cucumber time, and has already scrolled through its timeline three times, and is eagerly waiting for some new entertainment. So, he/she loves to visit your (business) LinkedIn profile, Facebook or Instagram account.
  5. Another tip from me (which you can't find on Google): before you leave, send your most important contacts a message that you are offline, containing all the above information. Saves a lot of unnecessary phone calls and emails that you have to get rid of after the holidays.


My out of office? It’s not on until the end of the summer. For those of you who keep going (or are working again) just like me, here are some great tips to stay efficient with these temperatures.

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