Eduard Schaepman
19 Apr 2018


by Eduard Schaepman, on 19 Apr 2018

Spring has begun and that means two things: the network season has started (the Hering, Oyster, and Asparagus parties are on their way), and it rains awards! We started that period pretty good: four of our location where declared winner of the Members' Choice Award 2018 of!


Thousands of users of flexible workplaces worldwide have voted and decided that our locations are the best and most beautiful workplaces in Eindhoven, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht. This news was accompanied by a very cool article from in which we are mentioned as one of the 5 most beautiful workplaces in the world (and you should know that we are not even worldwide yet!). We’re very proud that Tribes Eindhoven is mentioned in a row with some beautiful names: Google in Israel, White Mountains in Stockholm, Lego in Denmark and Dropbox in San Francisco. 


Reading such an article and receiving such an award always makes me feel proud, but I realize all too well that I could never have achieved this on my own. Of course, not without Co-Chief and Co-Founder Jasper Bekkering, but honestly: for the look & feel of the Tribes locations we have to thank a number of very special women!


Crielaers&Company designed the colourful and inspiring interior of Tribes Eindhoven Airport. The first of my 'children' that came into the world, and how. With the use of authentic, pure materials such as leather, coconut and wood, and colours mixed with natural pigments, you'll feel like you're right there with the Masai. It remains a great location, where you can’t stop looking, thanks to the authentic and inspiring atmosphere. So, Huguette Crielaers, thank you for your great work, partly thanks to you, Tribes Eindhoven has received the 'Best National Coworking Space Award', and now also the Coworkers Members' Choice Award!



Thanks to Cravt Originals, Utrecht became a beautiful place for the Secoya. Nice detail is that 'in the beginning', when there were no Tribes locations, I was working a lot in the same building as Denise Boekhoorn, owner of Cravt. Together with her team, existing of Esther Pijpers and Valery Den Dolder among others, she knew exactly how a Tribes location should look like, and she sometimes travelled to the other side of the world for the perfect colours and materials. Ladies, I can still see you moving around with the furniture to make the picture 100% perfect, but your efforts have been rewarded: thanks to you, Tribes Utrecht has been awarded not only the Best National Coworking Space Award, but now also the Coworkers Members' Choice Award!


Rotterdam and The Hague have been in the hands of Ericis, where Simone Waaijer and Nathalie van der Veen took care of the interior design. Ladies who come to all our meetings with huge bags filled with fantastic fabrics, wallpaper and tiles to bring the look and feel to life. So, Simone and Nathalie, partly thanks to you, Rotterdam and The Hague also have the Coworkers Members' Choice Award!



But these thanks are not complete... All those women present a first look and feel to Jasper and I, and we have to agree on it. They print their ideas it in a lookbook, and I always make sure to take one or two of them with me. I’m sure you already know: as soon as I am home, I ask Veronique, my wife, what she thinks of it. Honey, you know it already, but you too belong in this list: thank you for still being my best sparring partner! 


PS: You can read the Manify article here:

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