TV has fueled anxiety psychosis

Eduard Schaepman
17 Dec 2020

TV has fueled anxiety psychosis

by Eduard Schaepman, on 17 Dec 2020

Unfortunately, I have to break the promise I made last week. The one in which I indicated that I would no longer 'complain' about the corona policy. Of course, I am talking about the lockdown that was announced last night, because I don't agree with such an extreme measure at all (but I will follow the rules anyway). But most of all I disagree with the way the media handles it, so maybe I don't have to break my promise after all. Anyhow, read along and form your own opinion!


The strict measures have been announced in response to the increasing number of positive tests. These figures in themselves are indeed alarming. It’s quite a shock when you’re reading the news and some ten thousand positive tests have been reported in one day… It does make you think ‘where is this situation going…’. Well, to a lockdown, we know now. Based on the number of infections. Of which 40% are false positive. And the number of admissions to hospital is not that bad. But you hardly hear anybody about that. Not even about the fact that we have increased the number of tests from the 1st of December: it’s now 5 times more! If you compare the number of positives in November with the number of positives last week, it looks a lot better: November 11.4%, last week 11% (with 5 times as many tests).


The fear created by talking about such numbers (without a proper explanation of those numbers) is used to enforce the measures. You really have to search for information to put it in perspective. Even the most watched talk shows on tv do not offer this: someone who has a different point of view is silenced by at least 3 other guests. They carefully select their table guests, and they always search for extremes. There is no longer any perspective in the media, their headlines and subjects are written and announced to get more rating and I think that’s a bad development.

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Monday evening, for example, on NPO1 it was claimed that 73% of the Dutch people agree with the lockdown. But put that into perspective for the viewer, because we live in an era where people want to obtain information quickly and easily, so I think that the media should also put things into perspective before they sow panic with half the information. After all, this 73% was measured in the opinion panel of NPO1, consisting of 25,000 people. You know me: I am conducting my own research. Over the past few days, I have really been asking everyone I come across whether they agree with the measures. I speak to a lot of people, from different cities, of different ages, and really: I still have to meet the first person who says, 'yes I agree with the lockdown'. So yes, I start to doubt the value of what the media shares with us. Perhaps a large proportion of the 25,000 members of the opinion panel are senior citizens, which in any case leaves me doubting the objectivity of the media. They are looking for the ratings, and you can only do that with strong headlines that frighten. Look for yourself, which one are you going to read first: '10000 infections, lockdown is necessary' or '10000 infections, but 40% is false positive, so it's not that bad'?


In fact, in the Bundesliga a note has been leaked stating that the population should be frightened. Otherwise, they would not be complying with the measures... And it now seems to us that the media are being used mainly because we no longer comply with the rules that have been imposed on us. Rules based on contamination. Contaminations of which 40% are false positives...


PS: Agree? Check out last Tuesday's episode of De Nieuwe Wereld by Paul van Liempt and Ad Verbrugge with Jort Kelder and Hans Laroes!

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