Yeah, we got him again!

Eduard Schaepman
1 Aug 2019

Yeah, we got him again!

by Eduard Schaepman, on 1 Aug 2019

Schermafbeelding 2019-07-30 om 14.24.53Tuesday morning, I woke up unsuspectingly, started my normal ritual (meditation, sports, breakfast, showering and dressing, reading the news) when the group app started to ring: 'we got it’! And yes, it's that time again: we have won the Coworkers Members' Choice Award 2019. We're all very proud, because this award is one you don't easily get: it’s based on votes and reviews from the users of your coworking space.

We have already won several prizes with Tribes. We have been voted Best National Flexible Workspace twice in a row, we have won the Game Changer Award and the Challenger Award, and we have received a number of great nominations, including the SAN Accents and Scale-Up of the Year. I have already received some trophies myself: White Canvas Reputation Award, Networker of the Year, Marketing Manager of the Year, Blog Award, Most Innovative Real Estate Manager and I'm sure I've forgotten a few more. They are in my office or spread across the location, but they always get a nice spot.

Tribes Rotterdam Blaak - Nationale Flexplek Awards-600px

Because you don't get those prizes just like that, and I think they're all fantastic, so why shouldn’t you display them. But to be honest, it's extra special when you're declared the winner by your users. And the best part is that they had to give us an opinion on all aspects of our concept, so about the service, the hospitality, the accessibility, the interior, etc. The fact that you score so well on these aspects just means that your concept is correct and that it is received by the user as you intended it to be. And that makes me quite proud.

Nationale Flexplek 2-400px

It has also been a real team effort, because every person in our team is extremely important. Without hostesses, the locations can’t run. There won’t be a warm welcome, there’s no one who takes care of coffee and tea, or who sets up the meeting rooms. Together with their Tribal Chief, the location manager, the hostesses take care of all their guests in their centers, and they make sure that everyone is happy. That Tribal Chief not only makes the community flourish in his or her location(s), but also makes sure that the team has everything to do his or her job. This includes all cleaners, catering workers and handymen: together we make it a success. Only one link needs to be missing, and your entire experience is worth nothing.

But when Tuesday morning my phone rang, it was confirmed that this was not the case with us. All the links are in the right place, we act as a team and that works. We are super proud and grateful! To everyone who voted for us: thank you!





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