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Coworking is hot: but how to choose between all those different operators?

Eduard Schaepman
13-Dec-2018 06:30:00

Flexible working is hot. Flexible workplaces are popping up all over the world. Each one is better than the other one, and the Brussels market is even ‘flooded’ with those flexible office concepts. Consumers are faced with a challenge: how to choose the flexible workplace that suits them? Although there are clear differences in price, appearance and location, we all offer the same product. A workplace is nothing without a desk, chair and coffee, let alone a good internet connection. So, we all offer that (all right, one may have a better and faster internet than the other). We all offer subscriptions forms, in all shapes and sizes, which are basically the same. Usually we also offer reception services, cleaning and other things that might distract you from focusing on your core business.

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The real distinguishing factors are in the overall picture; compare it to your smartphone. A Samsung and iPhone do exactly the same, but still a large number of smartphone users refuse to say goodbye to their beloved iPhone. Why? Some say it is about quality, but most can't explain it, and come up with 'I just like it’, or 'Apple just suits me better' (for those who wonder; I have an iPhone). Nowadays you're an iOS or Android person, and the nice (and special) thing is that everyone knows what I'm talking about, and that both groups can easily communicate, can take nice pictures and can easily send an e-mail. They are satisfied.


The same phenomenon takes place in the world of coworking, however less known than the smartphone revolution. And that is logical; after all, everyone has the need to be reachable, but by not all people need a flexible workplace (think of doctors, hairdressers, etc). Yet we are becoming more and more known (through combined forces and the rise of flexible working), and gradually we are all building brand personalities. That is a positive development, because with so many players in the market, it can be quite difficult for the consumer to make a choice.


As the trend is far from over, new players keep entering. Especially in Brussels, coworking is hot and happening, and more and more Belgians are going for such a flexible workplace. De Tijd writes that the Brussels market is 'flooded', but I don't think that's as negative as it sounds. Because even though we 'fish in the same pool of consumers', we all have our own character, which may or may not suit a consumer. And if someone is in doubt, I advise them to just take a look at other operators; experience, feel and taste what suits you, then you will know what’s the right choice!



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