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Hello 2019!

Eduard Schaepman
03-Jan-2019 07:05:40

After a 'Goodbye 2018' follows of course a Hello 2019! Because when you look back, you also have to look ahead. And this year I'll be doing it differently than almost all the other people in the world: I won't change anything at all! I don't have good intentions, unless you count 'I don't change anything'. I'm going to do everything the same as last year, because to be honest, 2018 was a pretty good year for me. I have a nice balance in my life, I’m very sportive and I know how to organize my hours as efficiently as possible. The things that are demanding, time consuming and less important, I have been trying to eliminate as often as possible for years already, and I'm continuing with that. Although every CEO knows that sometimes you can't escape it.


And, all right, in the business area I plan to coach more rather than manage, that's something that came from personal conversations with our people last summer. I've started doing that since those conversations, so it doesn't count entirely as a good intention, does it? I'm continuing on the course I set last year, and I'm counting on 2019 becoming another great year.


I can't and don't want to announce the plans for 2019 yet, because there's nothing more fun than a surprise, right? But I can tell you that we are focusing on Germany. As I said in my previous blog, the entrepreneurial landscape is disappointing in the Netherlands. The value of SMEs is not appreciated that much, and it is different in our neighboring countries. Both Germany and Belgium are thrilled to welcome our concept, and we got such a warm welcome in Düsseldorf and Frankfurt that we decided to focus on our eastern neighbors.


But before we can really focus on the new year, we will have to attend the New Year receptions. At least until 6 January, the New Year's wishes will strike us in our ears, and we hope for a beautiful year full of happiness and prosperity for everyone. Nevertheless, I still think it is a good idea to wish each other those things all year round. After all, when you don’t meet someone until March, it doesn’t mean that you don’t wish him/her all the best!


As far as I'm concerned, we can easily take over the ritual of the Maori, who greets each other all year round by pushing the nose and forehead against each other. In this way, they wish each other 'breath and life', and it seems a nice way to wish each other more prosperity for the whole year (let's leave the ‘nosing’ part out and just wish each other breath and life!).  


As Catholic Patrician I would like to wish you a blessed 2019, full of breath and life!

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