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Meet our Member: Fleur Hissink

Tribes Inspiring Workplaces
25-Jan-2019 15:45:00

At Tribes Amsterdam South Axis Zuiderhof we are directly inspired by the Aboriginals from Australia. Did you know that painting the body and face is an important artistic expression of this tribe? After the hostess has kindly welcomed us, we meet Fleur Hissink of Secretary Plus. No coloured stripes on Fleur's face, but a hearty smile.

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Secretary Plus: Who, What, Where?
In the beautiful, large meeting room we take a seat and ask about the business of Fleur, Business Manager at Secretary Plus. Secretary Plus (part of USG People) is a secondment agency for management support. They mediate Assistants, Personal Assistants and Office Managers in various fields. Whether companies are looking for an Executive Assistant or an Assistant specialising in finance, HR, marketing or sales, Secretary Plus assistants are specialised assistants who make the difference. Fleur: "And that is also what distinguishes us as a secondment agency. Because in order to match specialised assistants with the right qualities with our clients, we have to work very specifically. In addition to conducting extensive interviews, we also conduct various tests, such as a personality test and a language test. Secretary Plus always goes for the perfect match between people and organisations. But besides finding the perfect match, Secretary Plus also provides services that make assistants and organisations successful. From development opportunities to outsourcing processes and from consultancy to online training and development opportunities. With 11 offices in the Netherlands and a good reputation in the market, people and organisations have been able to find Secretary Plus well for years.

Business Nomad Fleur
We ask Fleur what trip she has made to get to where she is now. "I have been working for USG People for 13 years. I started there as a Consultant, moved on to Senior Consultant and finally to Business Manager". The term Business Nomad is very appropriate for Fleur, as she has seen the whole of the Netherlands for her work. "As a result, I have built up a large network, from which I am now reaping the benefits. Both in terms of clients and candidates. And that's exactly what makes this work so much fun for me. Cold acquisition is something I don't have to worry about thanks to that network. People know how to find me and vice versa". A while ago, Fleur filled all the management support vacancies at a large client. Not only thanks to her network and her experience, Fleur is in place. The fact that she herself has worked as an Office Manager also means that she is always able to make the right match. "After completing my Office Management studies, I worked as an Office Manager myself. And when I was ready for the next step, I contacted Secretary Plus. The consultant in front of me asked me if I wanted to think about working in this branch. And the rest is history, we could say! We asked Fleur about her work as Business Manager. "I am responsible for the Amsterdam and Rotterdam regions. My work mainly consists of conducting intake interviews and visiting customers. My work is extremely diverse, also considering the fact that Secretary Plus not only seconds and seconds, but is also involved in recruitment and selection and interim recruitment.

Interim Poule
Secretary Plus has a large pool of Direct Team Assistants, all of whom can be deployed on a project basis for our clients. Fleur: "That sounds like a huge pool, and it is, but all of them are of high quality! You don't just end up in our Direct Team. All our assistants are specialised in a specific field. They are able, without having been trained, to take up the work of the organisation in question well when someone unexpectedly fails. We need to be able to switch quickly for our clients, and that makes this pool possible. If people want to develop further and 'legally want to do job shopping', then being part of the Direct Team is of course ideal. As an Assistant you have a permanent contract with Secretary Plus but you come to work on a project basis at various organisations where you would otherwise not come in so quickly, precisely because they are temporary positions". Secretary Plus organises a quarterly Meet & Greet in which all interested assistants can visit to get to know Secretary Plus. Vacancies are explained and both Consultants and Managers as well as Direct Team Assistants tell about their position at Secretary Plus.

Secretary Plus & Tribes
We ask Fleur how she likes it with Tribes, and a smile immediately appears on her face. "We've been here for a couple of weeks now, and we really like it. We have been warmly received by Tribal Chief Mike and the hostesses. And given my work, of course I value hospitality very highly. I can tell you: that's all right here! The hostesses are very friendly and I feel at home from day 1.

Curious about the services of Secretary Plus? Check out their website: or visit Fleur's team on the 3rd floor of Tribes Amsterdam South Axis Zuiderhof!

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