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Meet our Member: Michael Peters

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18-Jan-2019 15:45:00

When we enter Michael Peters' office and he tells us about Kambr's business, it immediately feels a bit like we're on a trip. And that even though we only walked two stairs inside the same building. This week's member's brand new workplace is located at Tribes Utrecht Central Station, where we are located as well.

20190117 - wk03 - Logo Kambr

Kambr: Who, What, Where?
Once inside their office, our eye immediately catches the two model planes showing off on the cupboard. Michael takes one of the planes in his hand and starts to tell enthusiastically. "The name Kambr is derived from the English word camber, which means curvature. It represents the curvature of an aircraft wing, which provides the lift to fly". Together with two other managing partners, Michael started setting up Kambr in October 2018, which has had an official existence since January this year. "We supply the first commercial software applications to airlines. We have developed a system that is about selling enough seats at 'the right' prices. We respond to the supply and demand-principle. With the help of our software, airlines can determine the right prices for flights". Kambr already has 10 employees and 2 offices: here in Utrecht, where Michael and partners are involved in product research development, and in New York City, where the finance and content marketing departments are located. Kambr operates worldwide across all continents.

Business Nomad Michael
Until last year, Michael was Head of Product Management at Revenue Management Systems (RMS), a company that makes software for airlines. Kambr is a kind of spin-off of that organization. Michael wanted to build on that network and create something new. And that worked very well, we could say! In the 8 years that he worked at RMS, Michael made a big contribution to growing the organization from a small company with 12 airlines, to the world's largest revenue management player with almost 100 companies. Michael explains what revenue management is exactly. "This is the phenomenon that ensures that the price of an aircraft seat is sold at the right time, to the right customer, in the right selling channel at the right price. And that means that you can sit in an airplane next to someone who has paid less or more for the same type of seat".

The fourth industrial revolution
Kambr wants to assist airlines during 'the fourth industrial revolution', as Michael so nicely puts it. He explains what he means by this. "In order for an airline to operate successfully, commerce plays a very important role alongside operations (safety and execution). For example, commerce is involved in the purchase of aircraft (costs about 100 million dollars each), planning, promotion, sales and optimisation. The last one is playing an extremely important role in aviation. After all, the margins are so tight that every single euro of extra revenue per passenger can often be a double digit profit increase. Aviation is subject to a huge number of external factors, which it cannot always predict. This is one of the reasons why airlines do revenue management. And after the advent of the internet, the mobile phone and the development of computer hardware, we are currently in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution. New technologies such as robotics, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence will rapidly change the business world (and thus also the aviation sector). We distinguish ourselves by not only having science from these new technologies, but also by the experience within the sector regarding the most urgent challenges of today".

Kambr & Tribes
Although Michael and his colleagues have only been members of the Tribes community for a little over two weeks, they can already say that they are having a great time here. "We were very hospitably received by Sebastiaan, Boy and the hostess team. And what appeals to us about Tribes is the fact that we are surrounded by other companies. Our office is perfectly located in the flow of people, so you don't live in your own bubble when you're at work. I certainly hope that we will also get in touch with other companies".

 And we hope so too! So feel free to drop by these friendly gentlemen to get to know them better. 

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