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Meet our Member: Tim Bakker

Tribes Inspiring Workplaces
19-Apr-2019 06:39:36

This week we introduce you to Tim Bakker, Senior Consultant at Walters People and for at least a year and a half a regular face at Tribes Utrecht Central Station. Tim is not only a big fan of the flexibility that Tribes has to offer, he is also enthusiastic about the surroundings of the location: 'it’s not only a short walk into Tribes from the central station, you can also park your car here, which is very rare in the city center.


Robert Walters Group

While enjoying a delicious lunch from Rootz Kitchen, Tim explains that Walters People is part of the Robert Walters Group. This includes Resource Solutions, Robert Walters and Walters People. Resource Solutions has provided recruitment outsourcing activities (RPO) and managed services since 1997, and Robert Walters has been a leading global recruitment agency since 1985. ‘I work at Walters People, which focuses on recruiting for temporary and temporary-to-fixed positions in the areas of operational finance, HR, IT, supply chain and management support’.


Walters People

Walters People distinguishes itself from other recruitment organisations by focusing on quality. We speak to all candidates in person, something that does not always happen in the recruitment world, but which in my opinion is the only way to be sure that there is a good match between the candidate and his or her new workplace. Only when someone is in front of you can you use a few smart questions to find out what they are doing and what motivates them.'


Ideal location

When Tim started working for Walters People, the organisation was even smaller, with only an office in the Amsterdam Zuidas in the Netherlands. Of course a cool place, but not always easy to reach for our candidates. ‘Many of our candidates for the Utrecht region come from Ede, Arnhem and Veenendaal, so Amsterdam is not around the corner. Once we started to grow, and more and more people had to come our way, we decided to look for a solution. Our office manager started looking for a solution, and only Tribes Utrecht Central Station was eligible'. With a look at the station, across the street, Tim continues: 'Of course, you can roll right out of the station into the office here, and what many people don't expect is that you can park your car here as well'.


Interior as an icebreaker

Not much later it was time to work with a number of colleagues at Tribes on Wednesday. The regular day at Tribes is Wednesday, because on this day a lot of candidates can come by. But the great thing about Tribes is its flexibility. Sometimes we have a rush recruitment assignment, and because we want to talk to everyone we send for an interview in person, it's nice to be able to visit Tribes in the evening hours as well. I always tell a candidate where we are, and I explain something about the tribes. I was also positively surprised about the interior, it's really something different than you're used to. You can tell by the candidates that they are looking around for a while. It also helps the candidates to relax, so it is not only beautiful, but also a handy icebreaker!


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