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Meet our members: an overview of 2018!

Tribes Inspiring Workplaces
28-Dec-2018 15:45:00

As you may know, every Friday we put a Tribal member in the spotlight. Our marketing department interviews a member every week, after which the article will be published on our website and social media.

Why do we find it important to share these articles with you? First of all, Tribes is People! Our ambition is to connect people from different companies. We want to build a Tribality! Not only within our locations, but throughout the entire Tribes network. Because we can help each other. Maybe you can help other Tribal members with your services? In addition, we want to offer our members exposure for their company.

In 2018 we introduced many members to you. In case you missed a few: below you'll find an overview of all members we spoke to in 2018! Click on their name and read the article from there!

Tribes inspiring Black copy whiteWe kicked off the year with real estate advisor Wil Jansen from @Work Makelaardij. He told us everything about the expanding housing market and what he can mean for potential buyers in Rotterdam. 

We spoke to Davey and Thijs of WeAssist. They make software that helps companies to improve their customer contacts. They developed a self-service application that makes it possible to help customers with online customer contact as much and as quickly as possible. 

Sandra Raghoebarsing is Personal and Organisation Coach. She started her company The Coach
Lounge and helps people with the development of their personal growth. 

We met entrepreneur Rob van der Laan, founder of NewPort Capital. Rob helps medium-sized Dutch companies to grow.   

We talked to Maja and Dirk from Fibre Security. Fibre Security is a company that is active in the infrastructure business and develops systems that help to measure various things.  

We met Valentina Beglaryan, Armenian translator and founder of Royal Translations, a translation agency that specializes in document translations in more than 50 languages.  

We talked to Vitas Kersbergen, founder of Proposition Hero. They help companies develop new products and services.  

Derek Buddingh told us about Agiliz Netherlands. In 2017 he started his company, specialized in Enterprise Analytics and Reporting. Derek helps companies with information facilities.  

We Met David Mooijaart who started his own company HSAprogram. HSA means Human Sales Action. David teaches b2b professionals how to give the best attention to prospects and customers, so they sell more.  

We talked to Bart van de Ven, who founded the TrueTalk company in 2008. With the concept of Café Bepp he does qualitative market research. 

We met Amal le Collen, owner of consultancy company SmartUpswing. Her key objective is to define and manage programs to implement strategic changes.  

We spoke to Wouter Moll, Second Director of Larendael Real Estate B.V. They manage and expand existing shareholder portfolios. 

Marco and Matthijs told us all about Nuance, a provider of intelligent software systems in various divisions such as Health Care, Document Imaging as well as Mobile Enterprise.  

We met Igo Trampe from Trengo. Trengo has developed a so-called team inbox: one inbox for all customer communication that makes it possible to operate all social messaging, e-mail and telephone from one screen.  

We talked to Robert and Jolijn from Wexer, the market leader in the field of digital fitness. Think of a virtual instructor, allowing the consumer to exercise at any time of the day.  

Willem Gerbers, notary and partner at HVK Stevens, told us all about this reliable partner for legal and notarial services. What really makes HVK Stevens special is its active support and personal implementation.  

We met Martine and Karen from Outdo. Outdo helps IT and technology entrepreneurs to take their marketing and sales activities to a higher strategic level.  

We spoke to Azumi Uchitani, Deputy General Manager at Information Development. This is a one –stop IT service company, providing comprehensive IT solutions to financial institutions and leading Japanese companies since 1969.  

Dayanara Ilaria, owner of The TalentSource, told us all about her headhunter agency. She and her team focus on finding the best talent, in the world of Online Marketing and Communication 

We met Stefan Broers, General Manager of Wayback Burgers Netherlands. His company has a master's franchise license of the American burger concept en Stefan opened Europe's first location in the Netherlands this year. 

We talked to Kevin van Dijk, Lead Developer at PortalPlus Cloud Solutions. They offer innovative software solutions for agro-businesses, educational institutions, and municipalities.  

Ivo and Henri from Bij12 and Ordina, told us about a project they are working on together. With 8 other colleagues they develop software in which all vegetation in the Netherlands will be registered.  

We spoke to Florent Sabourin from Smile. Smile is the European leader in integration with open source outsourcing solutions. 

We met Jack and André from Vitesse PSP, a company that provide fast online payments for companies that have to deal with this in large quantities.  

Mattijs Gritters Doublet told us all about mGage, a company that focuses on text messaging services for large enterprise customers. 

Me spoke to Giovanni and Viktoria from Swart Advocaten, a law firm specialising in employment law, dismissal law, contract law and liability law. 

Dennis Righters founded House Insights, a construction supervisor and intermediary. This company helps people building, renovating or rebuilding a house or office.  

We met Simon Broek van Ockham IPS, a policy research agency that carries out studies and evaluations for the government.  

Nieky van Vlerken founded WinxHR, that focus on recruitment and selection in sales, marketing, management and HR.  

We met Basel Yousef from Dredgeyard, a dredging company that builds custom dredgers. They provide instruments that do not affect living conditions under water.  

We spoke to Alain Mulder from IMA, a non-profit professional organisation for accountants and financial professionals. They develop, certify, connect and support professionals in the business world.  

Frank Penders told us everything about the business of Gimbrère Advocaten, a law firm that provides legal advice to individuals and businesses, in particular SMEs. 

We met Levi Reuhmer, founder of Doen'r: a secondment company in the financial sector wich was born out of the conviction that everything can be simplified.  

Mitchell and Steven founded Dux Data, a company who is concerned with training and secondment of Data Talent, with a focus on Privacy and Security.  

We spoke to Olivier Boon from Fysio2You, physiotherapist. With his cargo bike he visits people at home, in hotels or in the office for a physiotherapy session.  

We met Laura and Fahra from NEPI Rockcastle, a real estate investment company. They own and manage the portfolio of large shopping centres in the fast-growing CEE countries 

André Sibov told us about Eficode, a Finnish software company specialized in DevOps. With 250 consultants in Europe, they are one of the largest DevOps players in the market.  

We talked to Ali and Rob, two creative young men who started Sand & Castle: a lean advertising agency consisting of a network of creative professionals. 

We met Prashant Shukla, who has made The Hague a cleaner city by creating an app. He founded Savana Solutions, a holding software development company. 

Lara Ronconi told us all about The Oxford Health Company. It produces nutritional supplements in the United Kingdom. 

Lastly, we spoke to Rocco Wammes of Fidet. This company seconds young professionals to financial assignments. Their clients are companies in the financial sector that have to deal with large amounts of data. 

Would you like to participate in our Meet our Member next year? Please send an e-mail to!

Happy New Year and we look forward to seeing you in 2019!



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