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Meet our Neighbour: Four

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08-Feb-2019 15:45:00

No meeting with a member today, but with a new neighbour! From the entrance of Tribes Rotterdam Coolsingel we walk straight into Four, where we meet family Kandemir. A close-knit family of four, that last week celebrated the opening of their brand new catering business with friends, family, partners and their first guests.

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Four: Who, What, Where?
Brother and sister are both concentrated at work when we walk into the restaurant. When Muhammed and Hatice notice us, the laptops are quickly closed and we are welcomed warmly with coffee and a divine piece of caramel brownie cheese cake. Muhammed (25) and sister Hulya (30) - who is currently busy with guests upstairs - are the owners and are supported by sister Hatice (27) and their mother.

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A close-knit family of four, from which the name Four came into being. We ask how all this was accomplished and Muhammed speaks. "Actually, I have always wanted to do business. And I don't mean running a business from behind my laptop, but really being active. I'm currently in my final year of study Business Economics, for which I did an internship at an accounting firm a few years ago. Then I found out what I didn't want in live 😉. Together with my oldest sister, who, like me, has a passion for the hospitality industry, I came up with the idea of opening our own business. And now, two years later, it's time!

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From pancakes in the morning to cocktails in the evening
At Four you can have breakfast with pancakes or different kinds of sandwiches from 8:00 am. And when the weather permits, you can end your working day on the spacious terrace with a (non-alcoholic) cocktail! Here you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, drinks and dinner until 22:00. With an extensive Mediterranean cuisine there is food for everyone: from gluten-free sweets to halal tuna meat, and from vegetarian tapas plates to a homemade beef burger. We ask them if they will prepare all the dishes themselves in this trendy, colorfully tiled kitchen. Muhammed: "We leave that to our chefs. But my sister and I like to get our hands on it. When we're needed in the service, at the coffee bar or in the kitchen, we're all too happy to help!

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Family First at Four
We note that running a business as a family may not be something for every family. We ask why they dare to do it together. Hatice: "We have always been very close. Ever since we were young, the three of us have always been looking for the best coffees and the best restaurants". Muhammed: "And because we all live under the same roof together with our mother, that bond is still so close". Hatice: "People sometimes react to that in surprise, but we don't care about that. I did see my young brother grow up in a short time, because of the steps he and my sister have made lately. I am also very proud of her; they just did it, together!"

20190208 - Wk06 - Hatice - Four

We are proud of them as new neighbours of Tribes Rotterdam Coolsingel, and wish this enterprising family a lot of success with Four. So visit them, get to know these hospitable people, choose something nice from the menu and enjoy!

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