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Time is money?

Eduard Schaepman
07-Feb-2019 06:00:00

Nowadays, everything is possible, as long as you are willing (and able) to pay enough. For about 10 million euros you already have a stuffed tiger shark in your living room (Steven Cohen bought it years ago from Damien Hirst), for 27 million euros a manuscript of Leonardo da Vinci on the bookshelf, and for a mere 1 million euros you can have 22 carat gold toilet paper on your toilet. No matter how crazy, it’s possible in this era.

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But you guessed it: that's all materialistic. The valuable things in life, such as friendships and loyalty are of course not for sale. Although, for a few hundred euros you can have some extra Facebook friends, you can buy some company for one evening, and if you earn and spend enough, you will see that you suddenly have a 'loyal' fan club around you until you go bankrupt. And with the possibility of earning more money, and in the case of customers; spending less money, people’s loyalty is also tested sometimes. The real valuable things in life should not be influenced by money, but unfortunately money always plays a role.


Time is money

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In my opinion, there is only one 'product' in this world that is truly priceless: time. Logical, because of course there is no price to be placed on something that is just not for sale. It is literally not on the market. ‘Time is money' everyone shouts, but that slogan is just not right, and my opinion is that time is worth so much more than money. Nobody gets extra time, and everything you lose, you never get back. Yes, that's some food for thought, right? Think of all those hours that you've been stuck in traffic, because you absolutely want the potatoes on the table at 6 o'clock, so just like the rest of the Netherlands, you leave the office at 5 o'clock sharp. There are a lot of hours there that you have spent uselessly, and in which you have probably been extremely worried about being in such a monster traffic jam again. You don't get those hours back and you spent them by winding you up.


Tile wisdom

Cliché, but oh so true: no-one receives a program from the concert of life. Nobody knows in advance how long you have, so well, try to make the most of it. But we are all living a very busy life, running back and forth and living by the clock. And we have a busy life to achieve that ideal picture in 2019: a good job (and nowadays that seems to come standard with some additional hours), a healthy and wk06 es picture2fit body (at least a few hours of sports a week), a large network (so lots of parties and event, and also extra hours in the gym if you have partied a bit too hard), the Best Parent in the World (so reading, writing, calculating, drawing, hockey, playing football, preparing lectures, visiting all open houses of secondary schools and so on), family gatherings, quality time with your partner, and then we also need some time for ourselves, so we spend it sleeping.


Time management (is for sale)

Such a busy life does not seem to be manageable, but that is mainly because we do a lot of useless things between schedules. We're in a traffic jam, we sometimes get lost on social media to read how the neighbor of your second cousin on holiday has experienced something #unbelievable, we open an email/mail and put it on the pile 'to handle', go to the supermarket every day, and so on. Every day there's at least one hour to win, as long as you're handy with your diary. If your employer requires you to be at the office for 8 hours, you might want to consider starting a bit earlier/later and leaving earlier/later. Before/after traffic jams, so no lost time in which you are cursing your fellow road users frustrated. Ideal, and it also helps us on our way with the mission of #Uitdefileaanhetwerk


The mail you’ve put on the pile 'to do'? Your new golden rule: OHIO. With Only Handle It Once you might win a few minutes (make the payment of that invoice right away for example), but if you create a few such 'to-do's' every day... There’s a lot of time to win! Time may be priceless, but there are plenty of affordable time management courses. In which you learn that you just need to plan well, both your private and business agenda, to make the most efficient use of your time. I followed such a course a long time ago and still benefit enormously from it. If they ask me, how do you do it all? Then I answer: time management! And really, it's true; even the cheese fondue and Holland's Got Talent shows are on my agenda on Friday, because those hours are for my family. Because I think time is worth a lot more than money, and I prefer to spend it the way I want and have planned it!

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