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Tribes NYC 2018: What happens in the polder stays in the polder

Eduard Schaepman
24-Jan-2019 06:30:00

How was your Monday? A little blue? As I expected, that was absolutely not the case with us! Last weekend we travelled to the polder with almost 100 men, ready to have a little party. wk04 ES photo1Because after one year of hard work, there is also time to have fun (the saying is not without reason work hard, play hard). Our German and Belgian colleagues had left early, to arrive together with all the Dutch teams around noon in Biddinghuizen.



That's where the annual Tribes New Year’s Conference began: the event where we meet with the entire Tribes family. This physical aspect is particularly important, because how do you build a community at a time when we are increasingly acting as individuals? Of course, by coming together. So, after a short chat about the results of 2018 and the plans for 2019, we quickly moved on to one of the nicest things of the weekend: awards! Because in addition to salaries, the weekend is also a way of expressing our appreciation to our people, and we did something extra for those who did really something special during the last year. For example, we have awarded a Talent of the Year, a Best Sales person, a Best Manager, a Best Hostess, and many other awards. Complete with medals for the top 3 of every title and a nice cup to put in their locations.

 wk04 ES photo2

The afternoon we did something different than usual: clay pigeon shooting. I can definitely recommend it, because it is an activity that quickly lies outside someone's comfort zone, but even the ladies who also found it a bit scary, got an enormous kick out of it. And instead of a stiff and traditional dinner, we put on our most beautiful tribal outfit, and enjoyed a great buffet with a pub quiz. By getting dressed up, you get out of your comfort zone anyway, because at Tribes we don't say for nothing: 'dare to be weird'. Broaden your view, step outside of your comfort zone and dare to be crazy.

 wk04 ES photo4

We all do it a bit differently at Tribes. When looking back and forward we don't traditionally look at numbers and percentages, but we use an awesome video with our hilarious moments. We develop our knowledge partly through a pub quiz; because that is a nice way to learn something about your company. And dressing up? That’s something all our teams like already; definitely with team Düsseldorf who had even transformed their car into a reindeer mobile early in the morning. The party continued into the late hours, but what happens in the polder stays in the polder ;) They are already asking about the destination of the TNYC 2019!!!

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