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Health matters for everyone, and in the world of business it should be high on the agenda. The link between health, engagement and productivity is well evidenced, but taking care of yourself is something that many entrepreneurs and business nomads struggle with. Between long hours at the office, family commitments and maintaining a social life, how can you find the time to exercise, eat healthily, and get enough sleep? And that’s not to mention managing all the stress that comes along with finding the right balance. The good news is that with the right tips and habits, it can be possible!

We sat down with health and performance coach Roy Van Amerongen to discuss health, habits and how his workshops can help entrepreneurs reach their full potential and get the best out of themselves every day.
*The first 10 workshop registrations receive a FREE health consult!

Ancestral Influence

“I like to look at health and how we work as humans from pre- historic times. There is a big difference in the way we live right now (compared to our ancestors); a lot of people are sick, more than half of the population in NL are overweight, 1 in 7 people take antidepressants, and about 15% of the working people show symptoms of burnout. We’re not taught how to maintain or even increase our health. “

Working long hours in the intensity of start-up companies prompted Roy to begin his quest towards improved health as a way to increase and maintain his performance at a high level.

He began experimenting with different elements he believed could impact his overall health and discovered that through small, sustained actions such as tweaking his eating habits, taking regular breaks and exercising, he could have a significant influence on his own energy level and performance.

“When I dove deeper into the whole topic of health and how the body and mind works, something triggered in me that wanted to share that with other people, because it was pretty mind blowing how much you can do in your own surroundings and in your own atmosphere to really create circumstances to feel good, to have a lot of energy and to get the things done that you really think are important.”

Roy began offering workshops and coaching for entrepreneurs and groups, with a focus on stepping outside of comfort zones to really see what the body and mind are capable of.

A unique aspect is that all his workshops are experience-based, as “you can read a book on how to ride a bicycle but if you never step on a bicycle yourself to try, you’ll never really be able to do it.” Accountability is key, and Roy ensures the results of his workshops are tangible and measurable through feeling-based daily scoring, blood research and using heart and respiratory rates as KPIs of mental clarity.

Sounds good, right? But how much will your productivity improve?

Productivity can look pretty different to different people. “For some it might mean having more mental clarity, or having higher energy levels, or wanting to achieve more in a shorter space of time. The benefits that I’ve personally felt are all those things - higher energy levels, which mean that I can achieve more with a good feeling within a day than before. A calm mind is one of the bigger benefits that I personally aimed for, because I do a lot but now it’s more manageable. I can now feel when it’s good to take a break, or if I’ve had a period of a lot of work, I can more easily make the choice of taking some time to recover so that I can get back on track with the right amount of energy.”

We asked Roy what he thinks is the worst habit for our health and productivity, and his answer was quick and resounding – “being inside all day, sitting.” He explains that “the combination of being inside and sitting down has a big negative impact on your sleep, and your whole circadian rhythm gets messed up by artificial light. Sitting down breaks down both your muscles and your brain.” So how can we combat this when working in an office, which requires sitting inside for long periods of time?

“One very simple tip is to take a break from sitting every 30 minutes. I’m going to stand up right now because I’ve been sitting for almost 30 minutes!” Roy also suggests going outside every now and then for some fresh air – but not to smoke. “The interesting thing is that those who smoke tend to take more breaks because they have a certain stimulus for why they do that – to have a cigarette. What if you can create a healthier stimulus to take this break? For example, doing 5 squats every 30 minutes. If you do that every day for one week, I can assure you that productivity will rise.” Worried about getting some strange looks around the office? Involve everyone in the office and make it a group effort!

Workshops at Tribes

Roy identifies the 4 main cornerstones of health and performance as energy, sleep, stress management and food and will be hosting workshops on these topics across the Tribes Amsterdam locations. We asked him to give us a quick overview of what each workshop covers:

Sleep: Practical Steps for Your Best Sleep Ever.

Sleep is one of the most important pillars or themes for health - it is the best way to increase recovery, to increase your energy levels and help your body get all the toxins out that you put in during the day. And it's free! In this workshop we’ll learn how to optimise and improve your sleep.

Sleep Workshop:

Date: September 13th 2022 | 5:30PM

Location: Tribes Amsterdam Raamplein

Energy: How to Increase and Maintain Your Energy Levels.

What does your body need for energy and how does it work? Through a simple exercise you will learn what your energy killers are and what your energy boosters are, and with this, how to increase your energy levels.

Energy Workshop:

Date: October 11th 2022 | 5:30PM

Location: Tribes Amsterdam Amstel

Stress Management: Effective Tools to Reduce and Cope with Stress.

Although stress usually has negative connotations, it serves a positive function by alerting us to possible dangers. However, compared to our ancestors, we now have so much stress in our daily lives that our bodies are unable to cope with it as we haven’t learned how. In this workshop, we’ll learn some tools that you can use to manage stress. There is one that you always have with you – and it’s not your phone! (Hint: breathing).

Stress Management Workshop:

Date: November 8th 2022 | 5:30pm

Location: Tribes Amsterdam South Axis ITO

Food: Optimise Your Diet With Ancestral Wisdom.

Food has a huge impact on our body and our mind. A lot of chemical and synthetic elements are used to process our foods which can affect us negatively, and if we are not aware of these, we can unconsciously cause ourselves harm through our diet. This workshop is based on the knowledge of our great ancestors and teaches about why we eat, what we eat, how we eat, and when we eat.

Food Workshop Workshop:

Date: January 17th 2023

Location: Tribes Amsterdam Raamplein

BONUS – the first 10 members to sign up will receive a FREE personalised health consult!

Workshops will last approx 1.5 hours and cost just €50 each. To register or for more information, contact Roy at hallo@groeienmetroy.nl

Learn more about Groeien met Roy: https://groeienmetroy.nl/

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