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Tribes expands with 2100 square metres

Tribes Inspiring Workplaces
May 31, 2021 6:15:00 AM

Working from home no longer an option for many companies

31-05-2021, Amsterdam - Tribes Inspiring Workplaces announced the expansion of one of its existing locations, Tribes Amsterdam Amstel. The location will expand by 2,131m2 on the ground floor as per 01-07-2021 and will offer space to 215 business nomads. The expansion is a direct result of the increasing number of requests for flexible workplaces.

Check the location here: Amsterdam Amstel

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Amsterdam Amstel

Successful location

The Tribes location opposite the Amstel Station has been a great success since its opening on 15 September 2016, and comprises offices, meeting rooms, flexible workstations, storage space, restaurant, bar and gym. The expansion at this location is therefore no surprise, as the location has 100% occupancy. CEO & founder of Tribes, Eduard Schaepman says he is very happy: When the opportunity arose to rent this part of the building, we did not hesitate for a moment. This location has done extremely well from day one, and was also well used during the height of the corona crisis'.* Both the convenient location - in the centre of Amsterdam, close to public transport and with exit roads to the motorway - and the spacious layout of the office make the location highly desirable among business nomads. The expansion makes this the largest location of Tribes, with 6.043m2, 525 workplaces and 12 meeting rooms. The space is available from 1 July 2021.


The New Way of Working

With the prospect of vaccinations it is becoming increasingly busy at the Tribes locations. Schaepman says he expected this: 'People are completely done with working at home. They are social animals, they want to connect, and they want to drink that cup of coffee at the vending machine and ask others about their weekend. Managers and executives see this need growing and notice it in the motivation, efficiency and mental health of their employees. They then knock on our door to offer a good alternative'. In addition to employees who no longer want to or are unable to work from home, Tribes also receives many requests from offices that are preparing themselves for the future, in which a combination of working from home and from the office will often be offered.


Changing office market

Schaepman has also noticed that there are many companies that want to scale up and down flexibly, and thus keep accommodation costs manageable, even in the event of a crisis. When the government called for people to start working from home, a lot of real estate was vacant overnight. However, the contracts continued and in many cases the rent continued. The uncertainty brought on by the crisis is resulting in a shift in the office market. Companies want to get rid of their long-term contracts and want flexibility. A favourable development for the flexible office market,' says Schaepman.


*Tribes Inspiring Workplaces was the first flexible workspace provider to integrate corona measures such as plexiglas, one-way traffic, thermal cameras and other measures into its offices so that her members could go to work safely and securely.

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