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Tribes offers solution for winter weather

Tribes Inspiring Workplaces
Jan 22, 2019 5:08:29 PM

Today Tribes welcomes travellers who have been stranded by the weather. Because of the expected snowfall, many business nomads have chosen to work at a different location to avoid heavy traffic jams and delays. Tribes Inspiring Workplaces offers flexible workplaces in all its locations for the business nomads who want to avoid the road because of the snowfall, or cannot continue their way.

Tribes already caught stranded travellers in its locations during the big snowfall in December 2017, which was accompanied by a code red weather alarm. At the time, both public transport and car traffic were severely affected by the winter weather, and today this seems not so much to be the case. Chief and Founder van Tribes, Eduard Schaepman: 'It seems that we are better aware of the impact of such snowfall and are better prepared for it. We're not used to this in the Netherlands, and in some cases it's better to play it safe. Let your people work at home, or at least as little as possible on the road, and then they can go to our locations. We notice that many more 'snow flexworkers' have registered today than in 2017, and I think this is because the extremities of those days are still in our memories. Or perhaps because we are finally going to rely on modern meteorology: just like the previous code red in the event of snowfall, this forecast is also quite accurate; it started snowing at exactly the same time of the forecast'.

Tribes picks up stranded travellers and travellers who don't want to get on the road from the cold winter weather until the weather alarm is no longer effective. They can use the flexible workstations in the shared areas, with access to fast WiFi, and other facilities offered by the mobile office operator. Tribes has locations in Eindhoven, Rotterdam (4), Capelle ad Ijssel, The Hague, Utrecht (2), Amsterdam (7), Brussels (4), Düsseldorf and Frankfurt (2).


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About Tribes Inspiring Workplaces -
At Tribes you'll find a tribe of like-minded professionals who go where the business is. A 'community of business nomads'. A group of people who share the same interests and habits. Workers from all professional groups, blood groups and all wind directions. With one common denominator: Tribes is the home base.

 Tribes is a mobile office provider 3.0 with inspiring facilities for its members. Tribes offers memberships, (virtual) offices, meeting rooms and flexible workplaces in all its locations. Each location is based on an old nomadic tribe, whose hidden treasures, colours and materials can be found in the interior.

Since its launch in May 2015, Tribes has opened locations in Eindhoven, Rotterdam (4), Capelle ad Ijssel, The Hague, Utrecht (2), Amsterdam (7), Brussels (4), Düsseldorf and Frankfurt. Tribes opens an average of one location per month.

In November 2017, Tribes again won the 'Best Flexplace in the Netherlands' award, leaving other major players far behind. In 2015, during the first edition of the Flexplektest, Tribes also won the national Flexplektest. The Flexplektest is held once every two years, and evaluates among other things the speed of the internet, the quality of the facilities and services offered, the accessibility, the hospitality and the overall atmosphere.


Information for the press
For more press information, images and interview requests with Chief and Founder van Tribes, Eduard Schaepman, please contact Eline Hamelijnck,, +31 6 200 20 883

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