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Tribes Inspiring Workplaces
Oct 25, 2018 7:41:52 AM

Thursday, October 25, 2018 - Tribes Inspiring Workplaces announced the launch of a Sustainable Mobility Program in collaboration with Mobeazy Flexible Carsharing. Tribes members of Amsterdam Raamplein can use two cars for carsharing, and soon there will also be e-scooters and e-bikes available. With this, Tribes provides its members with an extra sustainable service. Tribes wants to encourage its members to be aware of their choice of mobility and thus jointly contribute to a pleasant work and living environment.


Mobeazy Carsharing

Tribes members of the newest Tribes location, Amsterdam Raamplein can use the shared cars, e-scooters and e-bikes that are present at the location. The user only pays when using the system, per hour. There is no subscription or deposit, and booking, payment, opening and closing the car can easily be done via an app. Chief and Founder of Tribes, Eduard Schaepman is enthusiastic: 'the center of Amsterdam is and remains a drama with parking. Our location has a number of parking spaces, but we can't provide all of our members with a spot. About 85% of the members cycle to Tribes Amsterdam Raamplein or they come with public transport, and it is ideal that they can still take a car for a longer journey to, for example, a customer meeting. And another big advantage: the parking space in the heart of Amsterdam remains free for the Mobeazy car, so you don't have to worry about that'.


Sustainable transport

The use of shared cars, e-scooters and e-bikes makes it much more attractive for many members to leave their cars at home. They arrive at their workplace without car, and there are enough options available to move around during the day. The sustainable e-scooters and e-bikes are an absolute hit, according to Schaepman: 'there are a number of our members who are at several Tribes locations in Amsterdam and it is ideal if you can go on a scooter or bicycle’.


Out of the traffic jam

The Sustainable Mobility Program starts at Raamplein but will be rolled out quickly to the other Tribes locations. Schaepman emphasizes that with the use of shared cars he wants to raise awareness of the growing traffic congestion problem in the Netherlands. Tribes participates in the 'Uit de File Aan het Werk' (work outside the traffic jams), an initiative of HP van Tilburg and Richard Bordes. Schaepman: 'The roads are getting more crowded. As a flexible office operator, you can do your bit to limit the crowds by offering other forms of transport or encouraging people to find a digital solution for a physical appointment'. On Tuesday 13 November, it will be Uitdefileaanhetwerk day, and all Tribes employees will leave their cars at home, and the flexible office operator also offers workstations for nomads who participate in this day.

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