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The Kazakh (also spelled as Kazakhs, Qazaqs, Kazakhs, Қазақ, Қазақтар) are a Turkish nomadic people from Eastern Europe and the northern parts of Central Asia (mostly Kazakhstan, but also in parts of Uzbekistan, China, Russia and Mongolia). The Kazakh identity is of medieval origin and was formed by the foundation of the Kazakh Canate between 1456 and 1465, when a number of tribes under the rule of the sultans Janybek and Kerey deviated from the Kanate of Abu'l-Khayr Khan. Most of the Kazakh are
Sunni Muslims.

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The Kazakh tradition of hunting with eagles is an important part of their culture. Centuries ago, the Kazakh hunted foxes and hares from horseback, and the eagles were even trained to detect intruders from great distance. They sometimes rode long distances in order to catch the prey to provide for their families. Today, hunting with eagles is officially recognized as national sport, and the falconers no longer practice it from horseback.

Horses, horses, horses...

The Kazakh love their horses. It’s pretty important part of their culture, and the difference with their eagles is that Kazakh people see their horses more like a pet. They ride them, they race them, they groom them and so on. Many Kazakh own horses and have lots of pictures of them in their houses.



There are several stories about the origin of the name Kazakh. There is a legend about a white goose ('qaz' means 'goose', 'aq' means 'white'). A white steppe goose turned into a princess, who gave birth to the first Kazakh baby. Since the Kazakh people were wandering on the steppe, the name could also be derived from the Turkish verb qaz, which means ‘to wander’. But the name can also come from the verb 'qazğan', which means 'to obtain' or 'to win'. The noun 'qazğaq' refers to someone who pursues profit, and the Kazakh people are quite good in doing business.

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Kazakh & modern professionals

The Kazakh have invented them years ago: they have been using the advantage of a view at great altitude since the Middle Ages. Perfectly trained golden eagles that can be deployed from the rider's arm to find prey for the hunters, or to trace intruding enemies. Because from above, the situation is clearer and decision-making easier. We, the 35th tribe, call that the 'helicopter view'; useful in many situations, and especially as an entrepreneur! 

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With an amazing view and one minute away from the Erasmus Brigde, lies the location of the Kazakh from Kazakhstan. It's the tribe that's known for their eagle-eye view, so it's only fitting that you can see the skyline of Rotterdam!

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