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The Masaï, Massai or Maasai is a nomadic tribe in East Africa, mainly living in Kenya and Tanzania. They are called the kings of the African savannah. The total population of the Masai region is estimated at 900,000. The Masai speak Maa (or Masaï), which is one of the Eastern Nilotic Ongamo-Maa languages.

We go where the Business is

The Masai are nomadic people in East Africa, who live off their livestock. They eat the meat, drink the milk, transform their skins into furniture and use the bones to make tools. Their livestock is their business, and if the herd decides to run 150 kilometers to the northeast, the Masai follows.

Well-known tribe

Who doesn’t know the Masai? We’ve all heard about the Nilotic ethnic group, dressed in purple and red, mainly living in Kenya and Tanzania. The reason they’re so well-known is probably due to their residence near the African Great Lakes which attracts a lot of tourism, and their distinctive customs and clothes.

Healthy diet

The traditional diet of the Masai consisted of raw meat and raw milk, and in times of drought, raw blood from cattle. When Dr. Weston A. Price visited the Masai in 1935, he reported that most tribes in Kenya were disease-free, and he noticed the absence of dental caries. Electrocardiogram tests applied to 400 young adults Masai found no evidence whatsoever of heart disease, abnormalities or malfunction. Today, their diet has changed due to the reduction of livestock numbers, which is caused by many dry seasons and land theft. They have become grown dependent on other non-livestock food, like maize meal, cabbage and potatoes.

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Masai & modern professionals

Just like the Masai, we, the 35thTribe, are travelling a lot nowadays! We’re crossing the country for meetings and the business and we’re no longer looking for a permanent office location. In fact: we’re always in search for the most efficient place to work, a central meeting place with everything you need to complete your tasks. The Masai know that they might need shelter during their sometimes-long journeys, and therefore they have built small houses where they can spend the night.

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Near the Airport of the city of innovations, you can get inspired by the Masai from Africa! Learn about their habits and the ways they have to stay healthy at this location.

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